Sunday, September 2, 2018

Time to go

   We love it here in the summer, but summer is just about finished and soon grey, rainy fall skies will descend.   I know, I know, fall is beautiful in the east.   Clear blue skies, colorful leaves, apples, pumpkins,  blah blah blah.    We've lived here all our lives and we appreciate those days, we really do.   But they are short lived and then the grey, rainy skies settle in until the grey, snowy skies arrive. 

The world around us is subtly telling us it's time to leave.

Garden Centers are offering Mums instead of Marigolds now

Misty mornings are more common

Our friends the Monarchs are everywhere now, feeding on the late summer blooming Milkweed

S.U.N.Y at Geneseo's Crew Club begins their rowing practice on the lake

the track of sunrise moves slowly south

leaves begin to turn

College students have returned and Geneseo is full to the brim once more

the summer's beautiful sunflowers have turned into mere seed producers 

nearby American Rock Salt (the largest underground salt mine in the country) is up to full production and the stockpiles grow by the day

This salt will be used to de-ice our roads (and rust our cars) during the long winter ahead

My knee continues to heal.     PT appointments twice a week, continued attentive nursing, the prospects of some pleasant beach walks and thoughts of enjoying some fresh seafood in the very near future are making me stronger by the day!

Icing the knee requires close supervision

nursing takes many forms....
keeping the knee stable and still during boat rides is only one of many duties performed


  1. You truly do have a perfect summer home!

  2. Great that Lewis is paying such close attention to your recovery. How to you alter your PT/exercise regime for your travels? Best wishes for a quick recovery!

  3. I agree Sue...what a perfect summer home! Hope your knee continues to heal quickly. Sounds like you might be heading south to Florida with beach walks and yummy seafood in the near future! I love how Lewis is so attentive...such a sweet boy!

  4. "Colorful leaves, apples, pumpkins, blah blah blah," hahaha!!! Fall is throwing you a going away party. So glad you're healing well and feeling ready to resume your travels. You're fortunate to have such excellent in-home nursing care! :-))

  5. Lots of fall signs in your post. Yes, time to move on to new adventures in warmer areas for the Lizard:) That is such an adorable photo of Lew looking over his shoulder as he attends to your icing. Such a good boy:)

  6. Yup, you know all the signs. Travel season begins again for the Banks'. Looking forward to Beluga's new trek! Cindy

  7. A nice wrapup of the area. Those are some beautiful photos.
    I missed something somewhere. I had to go back and read the previous blog to find out why you had arthroscopic surgery but I didn’t find out why. Drop me a note sometime and tell me why you had the surgery. I’m glad you’re recovering though. It looks like some of the swelling has gone down.

  8. Love all your signs of Fall - especially the misty mornings and sunrise! I'm sure that Lewis is most happy when you are right where he wants you to be, under his watchful eye. There's still some seafood left :-))

  9. Fall is definitely just around the corner and it seems all your photos are pointing south. Thoughts of seafood and beach walks are enough to motivate you to hurry up with all the PT appts so you can hit the road. Your caregives is so attentive no wonder you are mending fast.
    Hope to cross paths with you somewhere!