Tuesday, September 18, 2018

On our way

We decided to head south and west to try and avoid Florence.   Our first stop was just south of Erie, PA at the McKean KOA.    We were upgraded to a nice patio site because the woman in the office had inherited her mother-in-law's standard poodle (Geraldine) and had a soft spot for Lewis....

The next night we landed in the wonderful and FREE FMCA Campground in Cincinnati, Ohio.    What a great place that was!   I'd never heard about it before reading the Hinton's blog (On The Road of Retirement) but will definitely make it a stop on our way to and from the lake again.

After a restful night we continued our trek south to the Kentucky Horse Park campground just north of Lexington, KY.

site 149

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and the place was filled to the brim with people.   We expected that, knowing that Sunday it would empty out almost completely and we'd have all the space we wanted.      We really like it here even though the sites have no sewer hookup.     There is much visual peace and then....there is this....

Horses in the campground.   You're never far from horses here.   Sometimes they even walk by (or are led) your campsite.     They don't actually stay in the campground, but they're competing and grazing and hanging out just outside the gates.    We can drive out of the campground and be immersed in horses and beautiful, undulating landscapes.    The facility is used for many horse related activities, there is always something interesting going on.

stacks of stored jumps waiting for the next show

We knew the Florence rains would come so we figured this would be the best place to ride it out.    From here we can move in most any direction relatively quickly.    Besides, we have very good friends not far from here.    Cindy P and Walter live just south and were able to meet us in Lexington for a delicious dinner....spur of the moment!

We met downtown at a pleasant Irish pub, Nick Ryans.   The food was yummy and the chance to visit with our friends again made us all happy.   Cindy and I both tried to get a good picture of each other, I'm not sure either of us did but we had fun!   I know, I phones out at the dinner table!

Florence's rain came yesterday.    All day yesterday.   We're high and dry but some of the other sites needed an infusion of the Horse Park's ample stores of straw to sop up the puddles.

We did a few quick errands between the raindrops (Beluga threw a shoe so we found a Freightliner dealer and bought two new front hub caps for her) and busied ourselves inside rearranging a few cupboards and doing our knee exercises.

Lewis kisses, Dave exercises

These cuties pulled in next to us, during a break in the rain, and I raced out to get a little hit of puppy breath.    It's been a long time.

They were an entire litter of Welch Springer Spaniels on their way to their new homes.   Mom and Dad were with them but were too busy visiting with people to pose for a picture.     Their breeder opened one crate in an attempt to remove the puppy they were delivering to it's new owner.    The rest of them escaped and, like the good hunting dogs they will become, took off in all directions!  What a circus that was.   Tiny red and white blurs racing everywhere with people trying to scoop them up.    Their father and mother stood at alert, watching their babies run.     Finally they were all back in their crate and I got to visit with them.   What dolls they were!

We're hoping to catch up with the Ponds one more time before we leave on Thursday morning and then we'll be off.   We've scrapped our Florida plans for this year.    It's just too darn hot and humid so we'll point Beluga west and see where we get!    Stay tuned.

blue grass sunsset


  1. Back on the road...yeah!!! And FREE campground too. Awesome! By the way I thought youd be happy to know i got a cookie message (this site uses cookies kind of thing) on your site, in French...! So you’re officially international.


  2. Always a pleasure when our dearest friends visit! Thank you, thank you!!! This will help with your long expected absence.

  3. Good to see Dave doing his exercises but what about the patient that needs it the most!! I am sure Lewis is cracking the whip! I can tell how happy you are being among the horses and the activities. The puppies are really adorable.

  4. Love the lone rider and doggie shot! How fun to make an impromptu visit with special people. Fun "you-ie" pics :-) I'm hoping the island ponies will give me a nice horse fix next week. Florence was a big girl, spending time with you in Kentucky, and us in New Jersey. Glad to see the end of her! Oh the puppie breath :-)))

  5. Yay!! Rolling again! Sorry to hear you've had to change your plans, but I know you'll find all kinds of other wonderful things to do. You're off to a good beginning, meeting up with good friends. Hope your knee is recovering nicely.

  6. We had heard of Kentucky Horse Park and wanted to stay there when we were in the area, but it was booked solid. I am definitely jealous. It looks beautiful! And oh the joy of watching puppy mayhem! Love it! Glad to hear you'll be back in the southwest this winter. We should be there as well!

  7. When we had our motorhome, we stayed at that FMCA many times. Nice.
    How is your knee? Are you doing the exercises along with Dave?