Tuesday, February 4, 2014

walking and looking - also known as BCA

Last night's fog had lifted by the time we got out of bed.  We had planned on going over to the beach to celebrate the beautiful day but after getting our mail delivery we got bogged down in reality.   Dave will be eligible for Medicare this June and the government wants him to make decisions months in advance to avoid any delays.   Aren't they nice?    In our mail envelop was the information packet outlining all his choices.     Ugh.    He spent an inordinate amount of time reading, digesting and re-reading the literature.....burning sunshine.

It depressed him on many levels.    To lift spirits we decided to take a nice long walk.   First, ice cream to bolster ourselves (well, to bolster me...), then we walked to the bridge, over the bridge, watching the fishermen, both human and bird, looking at the huge cauliflower clouds building inland, watching the bridge lift to let tall boats pass under, back through the old Florida fishing neighborhoods, watching the pelicans raiding the processing plant dumpsters, watching fisherman painting their boats and mending their nets.    We walked and walked in the hot sun.    We stopped at the Star Fish Company's tiny dockside restaurant and looked at their fresh menu.    We laughed at the birds begging patrons for scraps, we smelled the fresh salt air.

Fisherman statue in the tiny village of Cortez

Pelican's beg for fish wherever they see it

cleaning up after lunch

Back at Holiday Cove we ran into Pam and John who were coming back from their day's biking adventures.    We chatted a bit and then they went their way and we continued our walk along the canal at the back of our resort.    The water was very still, reflecting the beautiful greenery and blue sky.

A pretty nice day after all.

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