Sunday, March 9, 2014

Robinson Preserve up close

Robinson Preserve is an 487 acre marsh and mangrove habitat practically around the corner from us.   People can bike, hike and paddle through the area on shell or paved trails, over and under  long sinuous raised board walks and through mangrove tunnels.    It is a popular place for people to get away from the hustle of the "in season" traffic and crowds.

We so much enjoyed the beautiful and restful scenery, spring flowering bushes, quietly lapping water, birds singing and calling, silvery schools of fish fighting the busy currents  and tiny skittering crabs diving for their holes in the sandy shores as we approached.  We even watched a majestic Bald Eagle soar over our heads.   A perfect day.

Valentine House - Robinson's visitor center

shy Roseate Spoonbill

white Ibis

45 foot high observation tower

shhhh, don't wake him

tiny fiddler crab making his getaway

me from the observation tower - not a good angle I think.....


  1. Wonderful array of photos capturing the beauty of this special place. My favorite is the shy roseate.

  2. Wow, That is my kind of place and you took great photos especially the Spoonbill!. Spring has sprung and the flowers are perking up. And oh that pic of the walkway is tops.

  3. Dave is right! (I hate to say this) But walking is a much nicer way to see everything. We have biked it twice this winter and missed a lot of what you saw. It's great that you were able to get close enough to the spoonbill for a photo. We've seen them but they were always too far off. Maybe we should bike over and then do our walk!!! Super photos!

  4. Beautiful photos Sue! You are in such a different climate from us I love to see the variety of flora around you, so different from the desert we are surrounded by.

  5. What a wonderful place! Great pics, thanks for sharing your beautiful day.

  6. Beautiful, Beautiful photos! Loved the relaxing feel of the area.