Thursday, January 7, 2016

wet Thursday

No sun today, not one glimpse all day long.    It was rain when we got up, slow, steady rain.   Nice for the water table people say.

We took this "stay inside all day" opportunity to do a bit of long term planning and some work on the washer/dryer that we didn't know needed doing.

We tried to call Mr. David's Premier Appliance Solutions to see if they could send someone over to look at our unit.....but they were busy and couldn't fit us in til next week.   We'll be on the golf course next week.      So, Dave thought this was a project he could handle by himself.

The washer/dryer does a wicked dance when its spinning a load and it shakes the entire motorhome with its effort.   Dave took a cue from Mr. Wright and used a left over piece of swimming "noodle" to help it stay in place during the spin cycle.     As he lay on the floor analyzing the process, he discovered that the platform the machine was sitting had torn away from the back wall.    Yes!

Yes! because he was dying to get inside this RV Park's wood shop, and now he had a reason.     With the assistance of the shop's tools and scrap pile he was able to rebuild said platform and added reinforcing legs.    He was a happy man today - pencil in mouth, sawdust on shoulders.  

Lewis enjoyed a few breaks in the rain to work on his courage.   He met TWO friendly people on his walk, two!    They didn't beat him, or eat him, pull his tail or chase him, they just said hello and petted him.   Happy dog.

for you obedience people - note the happy tail and nice loose leash

I wonder if it helped that they both had ponytails.....   He also struck up an acquaintance with Bailey after she ran out of her motorhome to greet him.

Later in the day the rain really picked up, accompanied by very strong and gusty winds.   The temperature dropped 15 degrees and Dave was no longer a happy man.

The nasty rain turned to nasty snow.    We pulled the shades down and pretended it wasn't so.  

 I don't know what its doing out there now.    We'll see when we take the dogs out for their last walk before bed.   Argh...


  1. BRRRRR! We just got rain in San Diego...none of the white stuff in town!

  2. Glad Dave found the problem with the floor of the washer before it something really happened. They sure didn't do a great job stabilizing the floors under the washers. John had to add a board under ours to hold it still. We are still looking for Noodles to add to the sides.

    How nice that Lewis made new friends:) Can't wait to see him!!

    Sorry you saw that "other" stuff out your window!

  3. I was actually hoping for snow dusting just at the peaks of the Superstition Mountains, but nada :(
    Inside projects are meant to be done on rainy and snowy days! Kudos to Dave.

  4. You certainly made good use of your rainy indoor day -- Dave making repairs, and you documenting. :-) That looked like WINTER outside your window! What's up with that??

  5. Oh you two....Dave so happy with new tools to play with, and you with a camera to share - good stuff! Does Bailey not look like Tessa? Glad the peeps were not monsters in disguise (they could be!) and that Lewis met a new friend. At least that white stuff is not likely to linger for long :-))))

  6. Haha I can see you running around the motorhome pulling down the shades! LOL So happy for Lewis to find new friends and what a great opportunity to get some things fixed! Nice that there is the shop and such there and your very handy hubby!