Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday - last day in Catalina

Today is our last day in Catalina State Park.    We were scheduled to stay another day but have decided to make the short trip up to White Tank Regional Park, west of Phoenix, tomorrow instead of Monday.  We're due for a weather change Sunday late afternoon, one that will bring strong winds and heavy rain (if the weather guessors can be believed) through the night and well into Monday.  Since time and rigid schedules are no longer an issue for us, we opted to drive on a nice day instead of fighting weather.    We'll miss it here.  We never seem to have enough time to simply enjoy the park, much less see all there is to see.   We'll just have to come back!

This morning was spent, as usual, outside in the sun watching the birds.  We've had 4 different kinds of hummingbirds visit and yesterday a pair of Pyrrhuloxias
dropped by.

Mr. Pyrrhuloxia waiting patiently for his turn at the seeds

They are as shy as their cousins, the Northern Cardinals, but are fascinating to watch  flit from tree to tree, homing in on the feeders and water.

Later today we're taking Carm out for lunch and then finishing a few shopping stops before we leave.

Thursday afternoon we took chairs and drinks and an experimental jalapeno popper dip to Jodee and Bill's site for a visit of friends.   It was another lovely warm day and we all enjoyed sitting in the sun, eating an array of delicious goodies and getting to know each other better.   Not all of us knew everyone, so it was an afternoon of laughs and discovery.

enjoying hiking tips I expect

the famous Cindy P and little Luke

Cindy P, Geneva and Walter in front of Jodee and Bill's home

John acting out Alter Boy duties....or is he
telling stories about his new 310?

Mona Liza brought Dave and I a small container of her fabulous Pancit and we could hardly wait to get home to finish it off!   I had all intentions of taking a photograph of it before we dove in, but.....

By the time I remembered I wanted to take a picture I had eaten half of it so I turned the camera on Dave's plate.  (pardon the paper plate, we don't usually eat off them but we're in a site with no sewer hookup so water conservation is important)

He evidently eats faster than I do......    At any rate, thanks again MonaLiza.   We surely enjoyed it!

Beautiful, gentle sunsets last night, in all directions.


  1. Smart idea to head north before the nasty weather arrives. Safe travels as you move on:) It will be strange to be apart for so long after months of traveling together. We'll miss you! Tell Lewis I'm not going away for that long. See you in late March if not before!!!

  2. What a lovely reminder of a special event! ("Well, what could she possibly mean by that comment?" asks Sue. Remember, that day marks the genesis of the First Annual Blogfest of the Culinary-310 Nomads. You surely remember the delectable foods and much further discussion of what happens after you eat foods! Such wonderful, varied topics we all did justice to. Thanks for including us. It was a memorable afternoon and thankfully MonaLiza noted that the discussions were going downhill. Anyway we truly enjoyed seeing and meeting everyone.

  3. Oh, and the dachshund attending was dear, little Luke!

  4. The happy hour was a relaxing end of our hike. Catalina SP is one of our favorite SP in Arizona, and was glad you camped there so we can hike again at Romero Pools.
    Was happy to meet finally, Jodee and Bill, Cindy P and Walter...
    Im glad you enjoyed the Pancit, who knows I may make it again in Moab!

  5. You got great pics - I really have to get better at that :-) We had such a wonderful time - the dip was amaaaazing - always make that!! Glad you traveled early, we're staying longer to avoid that storm.

  6. HI there! Still reading but can only post comments from home so here ya go. Catalina looks like a great place and what amazing people you hang with!

  7. Looks like such a fun gathering of good friends in a beautiful place. We never seem to get enough of Catalina, either. Safe travels!

  8. We were in Catalina for one day on Sunday, the day after you left. We went to the RV Show across the highway, then went for pizza. Beautiful day until after sunset. Then the storm rolled in. OMG! We thought the coach was going to tip over.