Saturday, October 27, 2018

Blue Skies are here again!

When we rearranged our travel schedule last week, we decided to stay here at Santa Fe Skies a few days longer.   The park could definitely accommodate but we'd have to move a few sites down.    No problem for us.    Yesterday was the move day.    It was foggy in the morning so we enjoyed an nice relaxed morning before packing up (well, sort of) and moving a little way.

Our new site (Y25) still has a view of those cute old trucks but now we have more mountain scenes.

More birds at this site too.   Eurasian Collared Doves and these perky little Dark Eyed Juncos joined the flocks of faded looking Robins.

After the move we drove into old town Santa Fe for a little walk around the Plaza and a late lunch/early dinner at one of our favorites, Chez Mamou. 

We've been here many times before and know most of the store's wares, but we wandered into a new to us shop just down from the restaurant.

The cashmere things were beautiful and so very colorful but the chocolates got our attention.   No, we didn't buy any, didn't even ask the price but I can imagine they were not to to be had at Hershey prices....

halloween window treatment

Chez Mamou is right next door to this roof top dragon

part french restaurant, part jewelry store!

there's a happy man

Mamou didn't disappoint.   We sat by the large windows, beside a tiny last rose of summer and beneath a New Mexican raven.   Good luck I think.  We shared a nice French Bordeaux with my Poulet Paillard  and Dave's Moules Frites. 

Friday we took the Turquoise Trail (rt. 14) as far as Madrid and, as you may expect, had a great lunch at the San Marco Cafe and Feed Store along the way.    I took no pictures of the food, I know you think that all we've done since we've been here is eat......You're right.   Santa Fe is a wonderful place to eat out, so that's what we've done!    

After lunch we continued along the scenic byway, making a short detour into tiny, old Cerrillos, and then walked around artsy Madrid.

mountaintop cross

I love this sign seen on the way into Cerrillos Hills State Park

bedspring fencing

 Today, our last here, we went to the Railyard Farmer's Market and bought some fresh arugula, a huge daikon radish, some tiny heads of multi colored cauliflower, onions, a heavy loaf of lemon blueberry bread and a one person (we'll share) raspberry/rhubarb pie.   Now that we're leaving Santa Fe I'll begin cooking again!

Dave's on TV (in TV?)

I almost bought one

After a quick lunch (yes, eating again....) we decided it was too early to go home and tend to the laundry, or go grocery shopping, or get our flu shot.   We took off in search of dirt, and rocks, and the river.

bright Cottonwoods always tell where the water is

Diablo Canyon

We drove out hwy. 77 (Camino La Tierra) until it turned to dirt and became Old Buckman Road and followed it until we came upon Diablo Canyon Recreation area.   We parked the Jeep and followed the trail down into the canyon.    There were a few cars parked in the area but we saw no one until we got into deeper shade, heard a voice and looked up, way up!

can you see him?

how about now?

the basalt formations were phenominal

We walked into the canyon about a mile or so before turning around.   I knew Old Buckman Road would end shortly and I was anxious to see where.

end of the road

Rio Grande

The road ended, literally, in the river.   A very droll sign told us so.   We walked around the shore awhile, watching birds.   With binoculars we could see the overlook in White Rock where we stood last week, looking down at this very spot!   Too cool.   

view of the river from White Rock overlook 

We've covered a lot of ground this visit and tomorrow we continue our trek west.  Arizona here we come!

Oh!  I almost forgot.   Some of you have asked if that was a chicken leg next to my cloud pancakes.  Who eats chicken legs with pancakes?   Bacon strips, they were crispy curly bacon strips.


  1. Beautiful Scenery.
    Interesting way to make a fence.
    We'd rather stick to paths for getting out of the canyon.
    We are planning on doing more eating in this winter as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You did have a great trip in the Santa Fe area finding some very interesting places and sights. Glad to see the bright blue sky:) Arizona brings you that much closer to Nevada!!!

  3. This post is why I love Santa Fe. Cobalt skies, farmers market, colorful artwork, adobe, golden aspens...and the food!! Glad you cleared up the chicken leg controversy...fried chicken and waffles are a "thing" so it's not too much of a stretch to imagine chicken and pancakes (although YUK). That TV sculpture Dave is sitting in is cool!

  4. Good food and unique sights are why I always love my visits to Santa Fe. And that farmers market is still one of my favorites.

  5. I love that area. You did it great justice.

  6. As wonderful as the sunny skies are - I love that foggy photo! I really need that dragon for the top of the motorhome :-) Your Tarantula is a beauty. Santa Fe is still my favorite food town. Not sure I could have walked away without at least one of those lovely chocolates!!

  7. One did wonder if the chicken and waffles thing had migrated to pancakes and chicken legs. Ack. Beautiful pictures. Santa Fe is just gorgeous.

  8. Dave was a happy man with his mussels and then he was on TV!
    I was drooling over those colorful chocolates, I would have gotten me just a piece :)
    So glad we have you to take us around neat areas, especially that one by the Rio Grande. Isn't that neat when you can explore the area that you initally thought was not drivable when you viewed it from the top.
    I think we got jinx when we met you, the rain and the storm are now following us :), thanks Sue!