Thursday, October 11, 2018


We're still here in Tucumcari, NM.   In my last post I said that since the weather was clearing we'd stay here and enjoy the cheap rate, free internet and the much awaited sunshine.     We used most of the yesterday taking care of the "jacks down" alarm and rearranging a couple of the outside storage bays that had gotten wet.   

great sunset last night

alone at the Elks

I think I must be a jinx or that I must be jinxed.    I said we'd stay put and enjoy the nice weather here for a few days.     Should have kept my mouth shut.

We woke up to the sound of rain on the roof.   It was so foggy we couldn't see huge Tucumcari Mountain directly in front of Beluga's windshield.   Sheesh.

We decided to take a drive around the area and see what was here.   There's a dinosaur museum "downtown" but I was too crabby to feel like wandering around in a museum.    I wanted to be outside, in the sun, exploring....

I love this sign!
(and it must be newly bullet holes!)

I had originally thought it would be fun to drive up to the top of Tucumcari Mountain but I didn't realize it was a dirt road.   Ordinarily that would be right up our alley, but with the rain and lack of visibility today we thought better of it and turned around.

the dark area ahead is the lower quarter of Tucumcari Mountain -
the rest is enveloped in fog

I heard this town was an important place in the old Route 66 days so we headed into town to see some of the old buildings.

I took a few pictures of some of the better preserved landmarks but the town is really pretty sad.   Unless there is another area we didn't drive through.

The town is proud of it's many murals.   I liked them, they all had blue sky. 

We're off in the morning, still heading west and looking for the sun. 


  1. Great murals, hope Blue Skies are coming your way! No bullet holes??? LOL!

  2. I hope it clears up for you soon. Coming down to Tucson, we felt like we should hire ourselves as rain makers.

  3. There's still some rain in the West...

  4. Well let’s just say your mood was in line with the weather. 😁
    I love seeing the old town. And the murals are beautiful. They should be proud. Safe travels

  5. We woke to full blue skies and cooler temps this morning and I can immediately feel the lift in my mood!! Hope you find yours soon!! Love the great buildings you captured in the little town. LOL on why you like the murals. Great road sign, before the look=how-badass-I-am bullet holes! Safe travels, glad the jack alarm is resolved.

  6. I have some very similar photos from Tucumcari...there's something so nostalgic about those old Route 66 towns. The Blue Swallow Motel is my favorite. Here's hoping you'll soon find sunshine and blue skies, more than just in a mural! That road sign looks like something that could be in a museum of modern art.

  7. We hope when we stop there, weather will be perfect :) Again thanks for the preview, the town may be sad but at least there are some colorful buildings and murals to view and pass our time.