Tuesday, October 9, 2018

New Mexico

We were looking forward to our time in Caprock Canyon State Park.   We moved the reservations back a couple days to allow the nasty weather we'd been experiencing to move out.    Every day, for 5 days,  we dealt with severe weather warnings, flash and areal flood warnings, tornado watches and warnings.  We learned things about tornadoes that we didn't want to know.   For instance, you can't always see them coming, sometimes they are wrapped in rain or hide behind a rain curtain.   Heed the warning sirens folks the weathermen told us.  

The rain and wind kept up and the temperatures fell.    We finally accepted the fact that camping at the bottom of a canyon after the week of weather we had wasn't really a very good idea so we reluctantly cancelled our reservations.    

Today we packed up and headed west, looking for the edge of the wet weather.    

We stopped for the night at the Elk's Lodge in Tucumcari, New Mexico.   There are 8 RV sites behind the lodge building and for only $15 a night, second night free, it's quite a bargain!     When we arrived, all 8 sites were empty so we chose the most level, least wet spot and set up.      All during our drive today, we were serenaded by the loud "jacks down" warning alarm so Dave took the opportunity  to get under Beluga to see if there was a problem.   The jacks were properly retracted, of course, or we wouldn't have driven away but the alarm still screamed at us.  

Just as we settled in for happy hour another motor home pulled in and.....guess where they parked?

Yep!   Right smack dab next to us, real close.   Six other empty sites.    I always wonder what people are thinking about.   And, they're leaving first thing in the morning, early they assured us.    I guess we'll be awake early too then.....

Since the skies have begun to clear we'll stick around here for a couple days and try to enjoy the sun.    We're scheduled to be in Bernalillo, New Mexico on Sunday, where we'll get to see Steve and MonaLiza.   Between now and then who knows!

Now, here is a completely gratuitous photo of sweet Lewis relaxing on his couch after a long day's drive.   He doesn't sleep when we travel, he has to make sure things go well, so he always crashes early.




  1. What is wrong with people??? Were they afraid to park all by themselves??? Or perhaps the site next to you was the only other solid dry site???

    Wishing you a few days of sun!

  2. While we're watching Michael's direction over here in the east, I see Sergio will bring a tropical depression to New Mexico in a couple days as well!! What a crazy weather year this has been. Give me a hurricane over a tornado though - those hidden threats make me very antsy! Hope that jack alarm issue can be fixed easily :-( We're in a park with 700 sites, and while most are no longer working, they put the only other person to arrive yesterday right beside us. WTH? Sweet, sweet Lewis!

  3. Sometime I need to ask the people who chose to park right next us in an empty area, why. And to think these people are staying one night and leaving early. I guess considering others is something they don't understand. This weather is crazy. It seems one can't escape the rain. That is the darn cutest photo of Lew. What a sweetheart resting on his pillow. Thanks!!

  4. Aww, sweet Lewis, I am happily counting down the days to pet you again!
    What the heck, us too, there are so many empty spots yet the camp host or whatever placed a Monaco next to us! Why?

  5. Those big Class A's all just like to cozy up close -

    Can anyone say Climate Change this year? Wow, stunning weather reports from all of you. Let's hope the whole winter isn't like this.

    Lewis is the Best. I love "gratuitous" pictures like those!

  6. Oh, how thoughtful of those people who parked their big butt right next to you to tell you, "Hey, don't worry! We're leaving at the crack of dawn!" That is just wrong. They need to go to RV etiquette school, haha!!
    Glad you're out of the rain. And more important, away from the threat of tornadoes! Now Lewis can relax.

  7. Our jacks uses a float switch in the reservoir to determine if the jacks are retracted. Every so often I have to top the fluid off to get it high enough to trip the switch.