Saturday, October 13, 2018

Moriarity, New Mexico

Yesterday afternoon we pulled into Happy Trails RV Park in Moriarity, New Mexico.   The only reason we're here is that Happy Trails had a site for us, the nearby Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta has filled all the hotel rooms and RV parks until Sunday.    This is an extremely friendly, small park.  The services all work well, the internet free and fast and the owner can't do enough for his customers.  He steered us to a wonderful bbq spot just down the street and we've eaten Friday's takeout two nights in a row.   That being said, the sites are probably the narrowest we've ever encountered outside of Mexico! 

It was sunny today!    Right after second cup we packed our lunch and headed out in the Jeep.   Not a minute to waste....the weather guessers are predicting rain tomorrow and possible snow for the upcoming week.    We're not familiar with this area of New Mexico so I pointed us west and south on what I discovered was the Salt Missions Scenic Byway. 

 Instead of finding out more information, we just started out and by doing so missed a really interesting little spot just a few miles from where we picked up the Byway.    The Singing Road!    Evidently when you drive 45 mph on a particular section of old Route 66 near Tijeras your tires play music.....America The Beautiful no less!   I can't believe we missed that!!! 

Sometimes you know where you are immediately, a smell, the quality of  light, the sounds, the area's architecture.     There is no mistaking we're in New Mexico.

The aristocratic Raven seems to be a symbol of New Mexico

colorful churches abound
cemeteries filled with personal mementos
 giving you a peek into the life of the loved ones buried there

snoozing in the sun

roadside shrines to Our Lady of Guadalupe  

We turned off into the Cibola National Forest and followed the dirt road into the Manzano mountains looking for a spot for lunch.

fall touches the oak leaves 

The road was long, rocky and dusty and we were very surprised by the number of cars we either passed or passed us......usually we have these kinds of roads to ourselves.   They were all fairly new, shiny vehicles, most carried folks that looked to be our age or thereabouts and their license plates showed them to be from other states.

lunch spot, no reservations needed

We wondered what was going on "back there" but didn't really want to come upon a large gathering doing who knows what so we found a nice quiet spot to pull off and have our lunch.

After our meal we drove back out of the National Forest and continued on our way home.      Not very exciting but a pleasant day indeed.


  1. There's a lot to do in New Mexico, and we have not done so much of it! I do have 'America The Beautiful' on the list for our next (if ever) visit. The only other US 'Musical Road' is in Lancaster, CA where you can enjoy the Lone Ranger theme. It's on the way to BS....

  2. So glad that you finally have a blue sky! Isn't the sun wonderful after so much gray! Yes, you are in new Mexico:) This is a state that we haven't explored much. We made stops to see specific places but not really ventured into the unknown. Hope you don't see any of that white stuff! Someone will not be very happy since snow = cold!!

  3. A sunny day out in the Jeep is always a good one! I knew about the Lancaster singing road, but not the one in NM - will have to check that out. Love all your pics that definitely feel like New Mexico. It's one of my favorite states for many reasons, but the green chili is a big one :-) Lucky to find a spot during the festival!!

  4. Hmm, I'll ask you about that singing road, although we are not stopping at Moriarty.

  5. I agree, New Mexico is one of those places that is unique and unmistakable. Thinking about it makes me want to be there! The photo you took of the white horse in front of the old barn is wonderful.