Sunday, March 17, 2019

desert drive

Today we enjoyed an off road jaunt through this area's colorful desert.   We took lunch and Lew and turned off Lake Mead's Northshore Road onto the BLM's Bitter Spring Road at mm 25.

We had a pleasant day, stopping here and there to investigate something interesting, to eat lunch and take a little hike, to follow horse and big horn sheep tracks and just generally enjoy the journey.

Bitter Spring Road

cozy little home

our chosen lunch spot

Dave and Lew watch planes overhead

we hike into a canyon

tiny yellow face all by itself

footprints in the sand
(horse and big horn sheep)

we saw 2 bats in this little cave

dead end wash ringed with smooth pour overs

Easter Bunny?


  1. The back side of the hoodoos does look like a bunny! Sorry you didn't find the mine area, but it is a fun drive with no one around.

  2. Yes, that is definitely the Easter Bunny! I love the big horn sheep hoofprints in the sand, too.

  3. Another fun day exploring and finding the Easter Bunny.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. The Easter bunny is always watching to see if we have been good. Have you two been good? If so, maybe you will find a surprise on Easter morning. We will wait and see.

  5. What an awesome drive....beautiful rocks, a cool cave, interesting footprints, and Lew!