Monday, February 3, 2020

Moving on again

Our time in Tucson went by quickly but we didn't really "do" a lot.  A fun off road drive with Pam and John,  a  few knock-out burger meals at Tiny's, a mexican dinner, taste testing a new flourless chocolate cake recipe at Pam's, two, yes two, trips to the Apple Store, grocery shopping, reading, getting two stone chips in Beluga's windshield fixed.    Dave took one afternoon to run some new wires in preparation for a situation that he knows is coming.   Our jacks have been acting up and he's just waiting for the time they refuse to obey.

Friday afternoon we (the Banks and the Wrights) took salad and dessert and headed to Tombstone to see Jodee and Bill and their new desert home.    Of course, I didn't take a single picture but neither did Pam or Jodee so this time is wasn't just me.     We got the grand tour (what views!) of this perfect for them house, had a big bowl of chili and got caught up on what we've all been doing.   

We enjoyed our time in Tucson and now we've moved west again, heading for Borrego Springs, California.

Lew rests with his red fish after winning a rousing game of "the rug ate my fish"

 It was a very windy driving day so we only went as far as Gila Bend this afternoon.   Once we were set up in our spot at the Gila Bend KOA (and discovered our jacks are not working, grrrr) I fortified a tired Dave with a bowl of delicious Tiny's chili (we brought some as take out after our last meal there!).  Tomorrow, after this weather front moves through (taking the wind with it), we'll arrive at The Springs at Borrego for our next stay.   We always love our time there.    It's so quiet and peaceful and it has Julian Pie!

hang on Dave!

The Pecan trees are beginning to show a little spring blush

Part of our travels this year will take us to some new places and to some very familiar, favorite spots.   The problem (in terms of the blog) with those familiar places is that I've already showed them to you.   There isn't much new to see in Tucson or Borrego Springs, but that is part of their allure.    New and old, it's all fun for us!      Stay tuned.....


  1. We've stayed at this KOA when this was still Augie's, a nice spot at a reasonable price back then. Enjoy Borrego! We want to be out there in the next couple weeks, Hope our paths will cross.

    1. The price is at the lower end of typical KOA's but still not what we'd call cheap. Very nice, huge sites, wonderful people in the office, GRASS dog park, etc. Perfect spot for a stop.

  2. Even if you're not doing anything new, we're always happy to see you via your blog. :-)) So fun that you got to catch up with Pam & John and also were able to see Jodee & Bill in their new home!

  3. I agree...old and familiar is always fun just like new and unfamiliar! Can’t wait to see where you land!

  4. It was so great to have you here and to get caught up after too long!! Tessa is loving her chicken :-)) Hope you can get those jacks fixed quickly - especially with the winds moving in. Familiar yes, but Borrego Springs is so beautiful. Hope you find your way to Westmoreland's Town Pump for the best steaks!!