Friday, February 28, 2020

back to Arizona

Our second last night at Rio Bend RV Resort in El Centro, CA produced a phenomenal sunset.   Unfortunately, we knew what that meant.

It meant that a change in the weather was coming.    Friday (the next day) would be a lovely warm one.    Saturday, the day we were scheduled to leave, was forecast to be extremely windy and rainy.
We've learned that to drive on windy, rainy days is most unpleasant and to be avoided when possible so we enjoyed one last morning's Blue Angel viewing and then set off for Arizona, one day early.

It was a beautiful day to drive, we saw more flowers lining the road than we had recently - maybe spring is here?

Our site at Desert Cypress (Wickenburg) was not available for Friday night but we were welcome to dry camp on their property, so that is what we did.     Mother nature gave us another beautiful light show.

The next morning we woke to the forecast rain and strong winds.    We were happy that we made the right decision to adjust our driving plans.


We waited until the rain let up a bit before moving the 1000 feet to our site for the next 3 weeks.

Since then, the weather has cooperated with us and we're enjoying our time here.   We get some lovely sun in the mornings and we take good advantage of it for second cup.   

my sweet Lewis prefers the shade so we accommodate as best we can

Two Roadrunners whiz by behind Beluga daily and the hummingbirds have found us.

they moved so fast!

she stops for a look see

Dave has been having problems with his hamstring while driving so we've decided to take advantage of our relatively long stay here and the proximity of a wonderful doctor in nearby Phoenix to see if they can help him get more comfortable.....driving is our life!     As a result, we haven't done much in the way of exploring the area. 

  I have, however, gotten tickets to a duo Piano performance at the Del Web Performing Arts Center here and recently discovered that there will be a Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition not far away this weekend, so we're managing to have a good time anyway!


  1. Wise choice to avoid the weather, we had hail! and boo-koo wind. Hope Dave recovers quickly and is soon comfortable in the drivers seat. Beautiful photo of the poppies.

  2. Definitely driving with sunshine and calm winds is the way to go. Good you headed out when you did. I love that Lew is lying just out of the shade. What a character. Looks like a very pleasant site. Love the poppies! They don't seem to like it here in our desert. Between relaxing and PT, I hope Dave finds some relief.

  3. Hope the hamstring issue is resolved soon. We have learned that as the days go by, the “hurts” we have don’t hurt more...just longer! Love how your cultural experiences take you from one end of the spectrum to the other...enjoy!

  4. I didn't know that beautiful sunsets mean a change in the weather! Because of the clouds, I'm assuming? You definitely made a good call to head out a day early to escape traveling in wind and rain. I hope Dave feels better with physical therapy. Enjoy your three weeks of relaxing in the sun surrounded by poppies and visited by roadrunners and hummingbirds!

    1. Pretty sunsets don't necessarily mean bad weather, but they do involve clouds in the sky and these clouds were the precursors of a nasty front on it's way. At least that's what my pilot husband tells me...he likes to read the sky!

    2. Ah, that makes sense. It's interesting trying to figure out weather from the clouds and natural phenomenon instead of relying on the "weather guessers." Growing up on the water, I often think of the adage "Red sky at night, sailors' delight; red sky in the morning sailors take warning."

  5. Always wise to drive in the nicer weather.
    Hoping Dave's issue is a quick resolve. It could just be a matter of stopping to exercise every few hours.
    Send some of that Spring weather our way.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Wickenburg.

    It's about time.

  6. What a beautiful portent of nasty weather! Love Lew's little umbrella :-))) Hope David gets relief quickly. I'm learning all about leg pain :-(( At our higher elevation we're not getting blooms outside people's yards yet. With freezing temps forecast again for one night this week it may be awhile!