Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Beluga's view for the next few days

We're at the Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort in El Centro, CA. for a few days before heading back into Arizona.    Our site is lovely, facing a reflecting pond which, as it turns out, is home to Jeff the Duck.

Jeff's home and our view

Jeff, the Duck

He's huge and friendly and works the sites like a pro.

The "oops" in today's title refers to an omission I made in my last post.   I skipped right over Valentine's Day!

one of two stone hearts found and presented to me by my favorite valentine.....

We took yummy appetizers and beverages out to Font's Point to have a special Happy Hour at a special spot.

Happy Hour on the edge 

We ate and drank and talked and explored until sunset.    A lovely way to spend Valentines Day.

Pam walks the edge

what's down there?

this little Rock Wren kept popping up over the edge to watch us

Dave discovered that these little Desert Lilies have a sweet fragrance


  1. Glad you made it safely to El Centro. Lovely spot and Jeff, the duck is so cute! We did have a perfect Valentine's Day to end our time together in BS. Thanks for spending it with us.

  2. Font's Point is a great spot for a Happy Hour and a sunset. "What's down there?" my dad's ashes! Jeff the Duck looks like quite a character.
    Safe Travels!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day! And I love the little Rock Wren. :-))

  4. Valentines Day on the edge, there is nothing better than being with great friends!
    Only the flower smeller would know the fragrance of nature on the wayside and this time in the desert.

  5. A lovely spot for Valentines celebrating. Your heart stone is so cute. Jeff looks like a perfect ambassador :-))