Thursday, February 13, 2020

time spent

Our last full week here in the Borrego Springs area was filled with good company and exploration.

a single Lupine

As always, we were on the lookout for wildflowers.   This area often has a super bloom that brings thousands of people here.    Then, the ground was carpeted with color, yellow, purple, white, chartreuse.    Last year we enjoyed an early preview but this year there are few flowers to be seen.

fragrant flowers of the Desert Lavender

Oh Dave.....

tiny blossoms

One day Pam and John, Dave and I headed into the badlands looking for adventure and flowers.

see Pam and John on top of that ridge?

the watchers

We explored Coachwhip Canyon and Smoke Tree Wash.    We had a wonderful time crawling around the rocks but saw very few blooms.

From a casual, quick look everything looks alike, tan and sandy.   Upon close inspection, life is beautiful here.

Colorful rocks among the sand catch our eye as we walk along, slowly.   Or stop to rest or blow our nose.

Still in search of the spring bloom we headed for Inspiration Point where a few Desert Lily's have been sighted.

down the sandy wash we go - our drivers are so patient with us

searching on foot

out onto Inspiration Point

she closes in......

the illusive Desert Lily!  (the only one we saw ALL day)

In between desert adventures we play golf.   Actually, John and Dave play golf, Pam plays John's caddy and I drive the trolley, cheer them on and take a few pictures.     To each his own.

It's a beautiful course, hard not to be distracted.

this Widgeon tries to escape my camera

We also watched the Westminster Dog Show on one of the cable channels provided by the RV Resort.   We really appreciated that.   For me, the show signals springtime.    For Lewis is triggers would he look with that Continental show clip instead of his devil may care, tousled coif?

Dave took one unusually inclement afternoon to finish his leveling jack repair job.   He identified the problem while we were in Tucson, engineered the "fix", and did the final, physical work here.    One would rather not have these little challenges, but when they appear, I think he enjoys working out the puzzle.

Yesterday we had a day's adventure near the Salton Sea.     I'll show you pictures next time.


  1. We didn't see many flowers but you captured the ones we did see beautifully. Such fun exploring. The golf course scenery is distracting. John and I still comment each day how spectacular the mountains are looming over us.

  2. As they say "it's the journey", right? Looks like you are having a wonderful time!

  3. That golf course is stunning, for sure. And the views from Inspiration Point seem, well, pretty inspirational to me. If it makes Dave feel any better, Kevin's been trying to "puzzle out" a situation with our black tank. Fun times!! Enjoy the sunshine!

  4. I say a big "NO" to the Continental Clip. I like Lew's "devil may care, tousled coif" LOL!! I love that you search out the subtle beauty in the's definitely in the details. Interesting how different it is from year to year...we've been in Anza Borrego when the desert bloom was spectacular, and also in years where the flowers were few. Every single flower is a miracle in that environment.

  5. OH MY WOW! your tiny blossoms very may well be the elusive Ghost Flower! Where did you find it? No don't say, I've searched a lot of canyons and washes and never not-once found one! OK maybe over a glass of wine :)
    We're camped out south of you with plans to check out the Kumeyaay 'Snow-Bird' site and look for a gold mine, with some gold still left in it!

  6. The beauty is in the details and you do capture those hidden gems as you said, by closer inspection.I have never seen Pam so engrossed in taking a flower picture, she is into it!
    What do we do without our handyman on board? Way to go Dave :)

  7. Such a beautiful place, such wonderful memories! Sometimes those elusive flowers are even more enjoyable for the adventure included in finding them :-) The golf course is a lovely oasis. Fab pic of the cactus stickers. They look so "engineered" in their sameness.

  8. I agree with Laurel about Lewis’s haircut! We are so fortunate to have handy husbands!