Sunday, May 17, 2020

Friends - no masks required

Life is good at the lake.....After being on the road, it's just a little boring to sit in one an area we've lived in for close to 50 years.   I guess exciting and/or interesting isn't always necessary though.   Regular and familiar and peaceful are good too.

The Fantastic Fred stopped by right after we arrived home (he called first and arrived, mask on and social distancing) to present us with a welcome home gift.....a strawberry rhubarb pie and two hand sewn masks.      What did we do to deserve him.

Several others have dropped by to welcome us home.  Most of them have feathers and wings, some with masks, but we are delighted to see them all.     Dave has set up a "welcome" station for them and it is a busy place.

We have delicious seeds and nuts (in a feeder complete with a tail rest for our woodpecker/flicker friends), a nectar feeder, oranges and - of course - a large water feature. 

A pair of colorful Baltimore Orioles have enjoyed the orange halves so much that they moved over to the hummingbird feeder for sustenance until Dave refilled the empty rinds with jelly.    Now they're happy!

the bus boy refills the orange rinds with jelly

Now our super tiny Ruby Throated Hummingbird lady has the feeder all to herself, she appreciates it.  (No, her throat isn't ruby - her exhibitionist mate is the only one with that coloration.)

More and more friends come to say hello each day.    Some fly in, some jump.

Some swim up to check us out or rest on our breakwall after working hard to catch any flying bug.
They know how much I hate flying bugs.

Mr. and Mrs. Merganser work the waters in front of the cottage

families come to visit

a raft of young Buffleheads

we first saw a Spotted Sandpiper in Colorado City a few weeks ago
do you think he followed us?

Dave and Lewis have been doing a few "openning the cottage" jobs.    We pay a couple strong young men to put the docks in, that happened yesterday, but once the heavy work is done there are a few finishing touches left.

view from above
Lewis watches the dock guys from a safe distance

Dave does most of the work but Lewis does a fair job supervising and giving advice on where the chairs go, how he wants his sun umbrella positioned, etc.

He helps Dave reposition the large rocks we use for stairs into the water.    His attention comes and goes, (floating sticks are something he just cannot abide) but Dave knows what he wants done so it doesn't really matter. 

so many sticks to take out of the lake, so many sticks

If we go inside for some reason, even if it's only for a few minutes he hustles past all the windows, looking in for us.    He's a tough task master.   No rest for us, there are things he wants done before it's time to rest.

After all is said and done, we're happy to be able to sit outside, watch the birds, and enjoy Second Cup together.   At the end of our day we love a peaceful Happy Hour on the dock and the ritual after dinner fishing brings joy.   



  1. Lewis sure wore himself out keeping Dave working! Awesome photos of the 'locals' who enjoy visiting your home.

    1. my bird pictures aren't very good, but they help me identify and note behavior. If I had a better camera I'd take better pictures but, evidently, I'm unwilling to learn a new skill!

  2. Life at the lake sure is good. Lew works so hard at the lake keeping track of you both. He must make a 100 trips up and down those steps each day. Glad the dock is in and life is now ready to beginning with the summer schedule. Love your bird stations!!

  3. Oh, it's so beautiful! You have such a wonderful variety of feathered friends visiting! Some with masks, LOL. We are missing our traveling life, too...but as you said, sometimes peaceful is what we need. And we definitely need it right now. I love seeing Lew having such a good time. Hugs to you three!

  4. I don't think it's too much to say that without Lewis, you two would have no clue what to do. I mean, he really keeps this show running, doesn't he? Luckily, he's a very skilled manager!! Love the bird pics... so much variety right at your door. Enjoy the comforts of being home!

  5. Love, love all your friends that visit. That is quite the variety! And of course the Spotted Sandpiper followed you...he knew a great thing when he saw it! Lewis is such a wonderful helper and task master. We agree...peaceful is definitely at the top of our list too!

  6. What a great welcome you have! Love all the critters they certainly give you joy and entertainment as we do with our locals back here in the desert.
    That boy is quite a task master! but someone has to do it or else....
    Peaceful indeed, love it!

  7. Life looks good at the lake.

  8. Glad to finally be catching up with what y'all are doing now. Isn't it wonderful to have so many birds come calling? I love that yours are so different than ours! Lewis is hysterical coming to fetch you to get back to the chores :-)))