Tuesday, May 5, 2020

short, damp update

The weather was clear and dry this morning as we packed up and left Lazy Day campground.    We were only on the road about an hour before the lowering skies opened and the rain started.

We crossed the Mississippi River at St. Louis in the rain.

We pulled into the Casey, Illinois KOA in the rain.   The campground is practically empty and very wet.

We all are damp and chilly but Dave and I enjoyed a little sunshine (in the form of the last of the lemons we picked in Tucson this past January) in our end of day gin and tonics.    All's well that ends well.

Moving on to Ohio tomorrow. 


  1. Too much rain! Talked to BIL in Dayton today, he's looking for the rain to stop tomorrow. Hope you have time to again visit the BIG things in Casey before heading out. Fran thinks Dave can now drive a ball from atop the World's Largest Golf Tee.
    Safe Travels!

    1. no time for BIG visits this time, we're on the road again!

  2. Those aren't very pleasant photos. Sure hope tomorrow's drive is much improved. Be safe!

  3. We're still pulling lemons off our neighbor's tree. They're just about done. There is a White Winged Dove nesting in the tree, so at some point she always comes flying out of there and startles us. Your weather just looks awful.