Sunday, May 31, 2020

Life here at the lake

Not much new.   Probably won't be much of interest for the rest of our summer.   No friends visiting, no exciting explorations, no new restaurants.  Sounds like I'm channeling Eeyore......  The weather in Western New York swings between downright cool and cloudy (today) and very warm and steamy (later this week).    Life is peaceful and calm here, not a bad thing, just not interesting and exciting to blog about.

We've been brightening up things with a few planted pots of summer flowers, watching boats go by, reading, and doing a few projects around the cottage.

part of Dave's waterfront woodshop

Dave built wooden valances over the windows in the living rooms to provide a bit of upward reflecting light in the evenings.

attaching the new lighting valance

It's hard to get a good photograph of the quality of light they provide in the evenings, but we're very happy with this little project.

Our bird feeding station has been a huge much so that the squirrels and chipmunks are stuffing themselves and we've even had nighttime raccoon raid. 

Mrs. Oriole savors the last bits of grape jelly 

 Our fly-in, seed eating friends become cross with each other when the seed levels drop dramatically.

bla bla bla bla bla

 Dave is trying a new, natural, method to try and discourage these greedy guys.    He's attached thorny wild rose bush canes on the staff - we'll see if that makes them think twice.

We've also been slowing working on turning one half of the lower level into a bedroom and bathroom.        Dave has moved his "work shop" to the other side and is now putting up walls.   I am, rather reluctantly, organizing, consolidating and making large "Good Will" piles.    Lewis supervises from the open doorway (while keeping an eye on the neighbor's new dog)

He keeps his distance lest we recruit his help.     One time we fooled him into coming in to help and then plopped him on the grooming table and mowed his wooly self.    Fool him once, shame on us, fool him twice, shame on him.

you calling me?

And then there are the "lake only" types of jobs such as vacuuming spiders from ceilings and windows and fishing out the huge Northern Pike that occasionally float up onto our little beach area. 

Dave and Lewis check out the fish's mouthful of sharp teeth

I've been cooking and baking a lot..    We figured out that I have made 73 dinners, in a row.   That doesn't count the lunches and baked goods.     I miss restaurants.

It's rhubarb season and Dave's favorite desserts revolve around all things rhubarb.    We used to grow a wonderful patch of it at the farm but since then I have had my sources nearby.    This year is different.    I resorted to buying some HUGE stalks at our local grocery store (which will remain nameless) a few weeks ago.   I should have known better but tis the season and Dave loves it so.

I made a crisp with it, no sense going through the trouble of constructing a pie when I pretty much knew how it was going to turnout.      Yep, the crisp part was decious but the rhubarb (cut into tiny pieces) remained as crisp and fiberous as if I'd made a celery crisp.   It went in the garbage.

But....dear friends came to the rescue with an armful of tender, freshly cut rhubarb and I made lots of goodies with it.    Crisps, upside down cake and strawberry rhubarb muffins.

Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

Dave's birthday is tommorrow.....what new rhubarb creation can I come up with for his dinner?

So.....that's basically all I have for now.    Stay tuned (she says hopefully)...

spring color on our Copper Beech tree

last of spring's lilacs



  1. Lots of projects to keep you occupied and Lewis keeping you supervised. I used to eat my mom's rhubarb right out of the garden ... raw! Mmm
    Stay Safe

    1. Dave tells me he used to eat his Grandma's rhubarb, right out of the ground too! I'm not ready for that!

  2. Happy birthday, Dave! It looks like you're staying plenty busy with projects. Sue, I've never seen a picture of you on a ladder - why is that? You all take care and enjoy your summer!

  3. Just last week I was on a ladder holding the other end of the 16 ft. cornice but couldn't figure out how to hold the camera, the cornice and keep my balance so I didn't memorialize the event!

  4. Sounds like you've got plenty to stay busy. I love the interior ceiling lighting. That's a great idea and it looks fantastic! Rhubarb anything is a winner in my book. You're fortunate to be able to get the good stuff from a local. I've about given up on buying most fruits at the regular grocery store. I'm tired of wasting money on stuff that never ripens, mealy peaches, and tasteless tomatoes. We usually go to framers markets, but that may be tough this year. We'll just have to see. We, too, miss restaurants, but all this not eating out and not driving anywhere has been good for the budget. It's something, right?? Happy Birthday, Dave!!

  5. Try cooking your Rhubarb as a sauce before adding it to your crumble.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the solitude.

    It's about time.

  6. The new lighting valance is fabulous! You two have certainly been staying busy. It's such a different summer, but you seem to be making the most of it. I miss restaurants, too. And friends. And traveling. But we have plenty to keep us busy here, and I'm grateful for a safe and beautiful place to be.
    Big hugs to you three, and an extra special hug to the birthday boy tomorrow from both of us!

    1. Yes, missing friends and traveling....but that will come if we're careful and patient.
      Your hugs have been conveyed to Dave, he thanks you both!

  7. We both love the lighting from your new valence. So useful and soft. Great job! Lew is getting his summer/swimming fur cut. I am sure he appreciates it with the heat and humidity and all the swimming. Wow! You are moving along with the downstairs already. Can't wait to see the finished bedroom and bathroom. Anything rhubarb is yummy. Glad Cindy came to the rescue with fresh rhubarb. My great grandmother had huge patches. I can remember breaking off a piece and peeling the outside and eating the inside. I can still remember shivering with the sourness. Hope your warm weather returns soon.

  8. I guess I've missed out on a common childhood experience! I've never tried raw rhubarb.

  9. You guys have been busy! I like the light valence you put up, very atmospheric! Is that a planer in the yard that Dave is using?

    1. yes it is. He takes it outside to use, the mess is much easier to deal with there!

  10. Love, love the uplighting! It's already such a warm and cozy space and now it must be even more so. I think you might have the most perfect spot, even with summer's humidity. It's just so lovely! Exciting to get the new rooms done on the lower floor, can't wait to see how they turn out. Mom's favorite was rhubarb but I never learned how to prepare it. Not that there's much to find around here :-) Great to see what you're up to!