Friday, May 8, 2020


Our last stop turned out to be in Ohio.    We had planned on making one more overnight before we arrived home, but a look at the weather forecast changed our mind. 

pretty spring view in Ohio

While Delaware, Ohio was enjoying beautiful, sunny spring weather, the future held rain/snow showers and below freezing temperatures.   Not a forecast we like to see when we have a long drive in front of us.

So the decision was made to get home as quickly as possible to avoid driving in that kind of weather.

After a longer than usual, but uneventful, drive we pulled into the driveway yesterday around 5.

backing in

Lewis was very excited.   The minute we opened Beluga's door he was off and running.

In and out of the water, drinking, hauling in errant sticks, checking everything out!

he sometimes forgets to use the stone stairs.....

We (Dave and I) were tired but happy to see his joy and happy to see some of our feathered friends drop by for a welcome back.

We enjoyed a nice bottle of wine with dinner and turned in early.

this was as close to a sunset as we managed last night...zzzzzz

This morning we started the slow process of moving back into the cottage.   Dave did a little work around outside before the weather changed.....

cleaning the gutters

Yep, the forecaster's were right.   It began snowing lightly by lunch time.   Ugh.

I'm sure Beluga was shivering......

And far not much is sticking to the ground but it's becoming hard to see to the other side of the lake.     Welcome Home!



  1. Welcome Home! Lew sure seems to enjoy being back! Looks like a perfect day to relax and enjoy the wine.

  2. Love Lew's excitement to be back with his big drinking fountain. Good he still has hie thick fur coat!! Poor Beluga and Dave. Definitely not the weather anyone wants in May. Hopefully it moves out soon and you are back to Second Cup on the water!! Glad you made it across the country quickly and safely.

  3. That is one excited boy! Welcome home...fingers crossed the worst of the weather is behind you and you will be planting flowers and enjoying wonderful spring days!

  4. Great to hear you got home safely and that Lewis completed the property inspection without any major failures noted! Now we have to go to the store and get a bottle of our favorite wine, after reading your post!

  5. Lewis is pretty darn adorable! Glad you made it home safe and sound.

  6. Fun to see his excitement and hear your relief at being back at the cottage safely. Crazy weather to welcome you back, but hopefully short-lived. Love your little yellowish bird!

  7. Yay for home, and lake views, and happy Lewis, and a bottle of Klinkerbrick! Boo to the snow. Stay cozy. Glad you three are home safely.