Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday - back to school

Jesse brought sweet Ruby over for a quick swim this morning before he went to class.  She's such a funny dog!  Dave and I walked over with them, we love to watch her swim and drag sticks and stones back to shore.  She swims out into the very very fast current, swims against it for a while, then just turns and goes with it until Jesse calls her back.  She turns across the flow and comes back to shore, ready for another retrieve.  In the lull, she works furiously on sticks until her gums bleed.  You'd never know she was 10 1/2.

Dave tempting Ruby with a river rock on the shore of the McKenzie

the beach is a great place to brush off some of Ruby's thick, thick coat

After he left, we had lunch then made a trip to Safeway for dinner ingredients.   We wanted to have a good meal waiting for Jesse and Erin when they got home this afternoon (and needed to do our laundry while we were there!).   It was another beautifully sunny, clear day in Eugene.  I feel like we're on borrowed time here, I know the rains are coming.

this tree, in Jesse's front yard,  is changing color every other leaf!

such a beautiful sunny day

Dave brought out  his sous chef skills and together we put produced a big lasagna, caesar green beans, sauteed mushrooms and lemons squares with plenty of left overs for the rest of the week.
The four of us shared the meal, talked about their first day back and then we loaded up the clean laundry and headed home.  Dogs to care for and Dancing with The Stars starts tonight!    We missed you Judi, its not the same without you....


  1. Just like when they were younger kids ..coming home to a good home-cooked meal after the first day of school. How sweet ...lucky! Hope all went well.

    And that Ruby ...she is the sweetest dog!

  2. What are the trees (plants) that are producing the pods in your pictures?
    I remember when Jesse got her. But didn't realize it has been ten years. Mary