Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday - TV # 3

Jesse and Erin have gone to the mountains for some much needed r & r in the form of a mini camping trip with their blonde doggies.  For us, that means our schedule was empty for today and tomorrow.   We slept in and planned our day over coffee and tea outside.  I made an appointment for a much needed pedicure and Dave made a few phone calls.

Then, one of Dave's phone calls changed the direction of our day.  Last night, while watching tv in bed,  we noticed a tiny pinprick point of white in the middle of the screen.  You may remember that this tv is the second one we've had since we left home in April.  The first one quit altogether and the company was great about sending us a new one right away.   The tech he talked to this morning said the situation was "terminal" and that we should send this tv back for another replacement.      Sweet mother of g od, here we go again!

Out came the old/new tv AGAIN.  We decided to try and return it to a Camping World north of Eugene and see if they would just give us a new one and send the defective one back on their dime. Cancelled the toe appointment and set off.    It was a pretty ride up there, through beautiful active farm land, so all wasn't lost.  After telling our whole, long story to the parts/service guy, we had to repeat it all to his supervisor.  Luckily for us, they had the same tv in stock, so we left with tv # 3 in the back of the jeep.  

 On the way home we talked about what we wanted for dinner, and, of course, we needed a few ingredients.  After being in Eugene for as long as we've been here, we just thought we'd drive to our local Market of Choice without the benefit of a map.    We forgot that this town is called - Eugene, you can't get there from here - Oregon...     Lots of roads just simply stop at a point, then start up somewhere else with no rhyme or reason.  OR, they're one way streets for a bit, then turn around and become one way in the other direction.  No clear grid, or street layout.     Needless to say, we drove around in at least 2 circles trying to get to the store, but finally managed to pull in to the appropriate parking lot and did our shopping.

On the way back to Beluga, the wonderful dentist called and gave Dave an appointment for the final filling of the root canal.  Looks like we'll stay in Eugene for one day longer than we'd scheduled. All  for a good cause.   By the time we drove into the park it was way too late to wash and dry shaggy Lewis and start the grooming process like we'd planned.  Awwwwww.

We enjoyed a nice dinner and called it a night.   Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. I think you'd best look into other forms of entertainment on this trip. Television is doomed for you two!!!

    You know, it's rather vicarious for all of us, listening to your days and nights of entertainment, food, travel, dogs, friends and family ...but, especially, of the glitches that get thrown in for fun in life! This has got to be one of them.

    This Year of Travel always seemed so romantic, so exuberant, so thrilling ...until we hear about dying tvs, root canals, high winds with Beluga and white-knuckle hands, forest fires....not to mention the biggy of having to wash and clip Lewis!!!

    And this is your life right now it and enjoy every minute. Whether good or bad. It is the trip of a lifetime and you've been gracious enough to share it with all of us!!

    We all love you and miss you!