Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Well, labor day is over and things should calm down a bit at campgrounds til next summer.  Yes!

Our across the road neighbors (the site where the wheeled "monsters" had been) left this morning.  New "monsters" pulled in yesterday afternoon and these were very different from the sparkly ones.    An ancient motorhome noisily backed in and when it stopped, the door flew open and FIVE small children tumbled out.  They all wore huge black t shirts with the word REBEL on the front,   no pants, no shoes, no scooters, the littlest one with a very full diaper.   I don't know if they were boys or girls, they all had long, very tangled, very dirty hair.  They shrieked and ran about, climbing trees and playing in the fire ring at their site.  Their toys were sticks and branches gathered from the woods around the campground and they were obviously having lots of very creative fun together.  Dirt, leaves and stick were flying.    Lewis was scared of them, surprise...

The rest of the campground pretty much emptied out and after the folks across from us drove away we had nothing interesting to watch!  Back to everyday life.  We had business to take care of, phone calls to Blue Cross/Blue Shield, to Social Security, appointments to make and bills to pay.  AND, we needed to clip Lewis' face, we could hardly see his eyes.   After finishing all the domestic duties, we took the dogs for a walk in the woods (and play ball, of course).

Lewis sitting on a huge burl at the bottom of an old  tree in the park

Sasha can still hop up on trees too!  

We had  dinner of pizza and salad with Jesse. We ate at his house because he was busy doing laundry, cutting his hair and packing to leave in the morning.  He'll  pick up Erin in San Francisco and then drive a little further south to attend a  friend's  wedding.

Dad  providing the finishing touch on Jesse's haircut.
 We'll pick up Ruby tomorrow and take her with us on our next move.  We'll bring her back when we return to Eugene next week.

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  1. You've got to be kidding ...."Many Rebels"!!!! Really, now....Poor Lewis. If Lewis were a person, Rebel would not be his cause. No, he would be the studious kind, face in a book (maybe something like: How to make tennis balls; and he would be very compliant, quiet and introverted (sometimes.)He would be the valedictorian and lead his class at all sports events. Now, Sasha ...well, she's another story....