Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday, taking care of business

No, its not a coven of witches....its my lovely family at dinner last night.  Jesse and Erin brought pizza and salad and we ate outside by candle light.  When I produced the camera to document our visit, they (father and son) decided to act up, so this is what you see!!!

It was Jesse's day to help.  When he heard that Dave had a toothache, he called a friend, who's wife is a dentist, and she paved the way for an appointment today to see what the trouble was.  I dropped Dave off at the  dentist's office and then continued on to do our grocery shopping.

Yep, root canal.....Thanks to Jesse, Dave will have the needed root canal tomorrow (Friday) at 1:00.  Not fun, but necessary.  Not fun at all, especially since they had planned on playing golf.  Hmmm, lets see - golf or a root canal.....which one should he do.

Jesse  using his I phone to show Dave where the specialist's office is
(Does Dave's shirt look familiar Judi?)

After lunch we did a few more errands. We needed a few RV supplies so we set out to find the two dealers closest to us.  Mission accomplished.   Tom, we saw at least 2 "vintage" Class C's on a dealer's lot with a $4995 price tag on them, and a few more driving around.  Are you following the trend?

We had a drink at Jesse and Erin's house before going to dinner at Belly.  Its the restaurant that Jesse tried to take Tom and Robin to when they visited.  Too bad you guys didn't get to eat at the real deal, it was fabulous!

Friends tell me that they really enjoy reading the blog every day.  Now I find out that people also enjoy reading the comments!   This means "YOU" Cindy P....

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  1. Maybe they like reading the comments because I keep gently imploring you to head east ...EAST. We all miss you greatly ....and all the fun we had. Can't imagine it if you all decide to stay there and relocate. Please don't find any place that's more appealing than WNY...we don't have big forest fires, earthquakes, massive windy storms (well, ok, okay...maybe little ones but only in the winter months and we usually get warnings and DAve wouldn't be out there white-knuckling the Beluga.) I know, I know ...everybody needs to make their own life plan, blah, blah, blah!!!! We love it when you reside in NY. Period.

    Oh, and all the BEST to Dave today at 1pm. Will keep him in our thoughts. Sending wishes his way and know the end result will feel much better than before.