Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Frigid Wednesday

So....the weather forecasters weren't wrong this time.   Last night the winds howled, blowing the thorny sweet gum pods off the trees and onto Beluga's roof like bullets.   Shortly after dark Dave rolled up our window shades, laid our outdoor chairs flat and we hunkered inside waiting for things to calm down.  We were sure that the roof would have damage from what we thought were tree branches cracking down but there was nothing to be done til morning.   The temperature dropped all night but the morning dawned bright and sunny.    Dave crawled up on the roof and was happy to see that it was just littered with the little sweet gum "pellets" and not many branches.

The sun gradually warmed Beluga up, but the temperature never got up past 45 and the wind calmed, but was still pretty brisk.       Since it was our last day here, we decided to use our final FREE ticket at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

Our FREE gift certificate got us into the Plantation and Gardens, but if we wanted to tour the Plantation House, or walk through the Audubon Swamp Garden, or take the Nature Train, or have a guided Garden Tour, or the Boat Ride, we needed to pay at least $8 more per person, per "experience".

We opted out of the extra experiences because it was way too cold and windy.   We figured a walk through the grounds would give us a good overview and if we started to ice up we could just leave.   Good choice!    We started our stroll following the obvious paths.   After an hour or so, we just followed paths that were in the sun, or were heading toward areas of sun.    We finally gave up and found our way back to the car.     I'm glad the "tour" was FREE.    I think this Plantation Garden would probably be spectacular in the spring or summer, but today it just wasn't worth the price of admission (of course, our admission was FREE....).

part of the Audubon Swamp Garden
(not covered in the general admission for Magnolia Plantation)

cypress knees

Dave couldn't resist a quick sniff

live oaks overhang the Ashley River

Dave stands in the sunshine before the Plantation house
(admission extra)

Back at Beluga around 4:30, nice and warm.    We took our cocktails over to the Lowes and visited for the last time before we part ways.   Steve and I tried to figure out how to share some books between our kindles, talked airplanes and Lou Gram and the terrible typhoon in the Phillipines (all MonaLisa's family, save one nephew, have been accounted for)

 We've really enjoyed their company and will look forward to crossing paths sometime down the road.


  1. It may have been chilly but your photos sure make it look beautiful and warm. You got some great photos. I love the reflections!

  2. Love the pictures of the Ashley River.
    Safe travels....

  3. We had wind gusts up to 50 mph on Tuesday night at our Fort Clinch beach site. First time we ever decided to put the slides in to reduce the noise of the flapping toppers. Not much sleep that night.

    The plantation photos are lovely. That may be the prettiest rooster I have ever seen!

  4. Thank you for the beautiful photos, since we will not be going to the Plantations. We went instead to Yorktown today.
    We finally got a word this afternoon, the last nephew has made contact. Except for flattened house, the family is okay.