Tuesday, November 12, 2013


  The weather people tell us that tomorrow will be horrid, north winds at 20-30 mph with higher gusts and if we're lucky the temperature will get to 45 degrees.    It is our last day here in Charleston. we decided to play "tourist" and use the free tickets we worked so hard for.   We took an 11:30 Harbor Cruise first.

waiting to board
It was an absolutely beautiful day.   Warm (72) and sunny with just a light breeze.  Perfect to be on the water, and, it was FREE!

our boat at the dock

our captain told us this "ro ro" ship was filled with BMW's
(roll on/roll off)

aircraft carrier USS Yorktown in the background
After our tour ended we drove into the Market area for some lunch before our afternoon carriage tour through part of the historic center of the city.     We couldn't resist fresh local shrimp at the Noisy Oyster.  Mmmmmm, they were terrific.     We used our second  "gift certificate".

We had a few minutes to wait for our horse drawn tour so we walked around through the stable areas looking at the horses and mules relaxing after their shifts.

Meet Jake.   He was our bomb proof guide for the next hour.  Calmly plodding along the streets, stopping at red lights, turning where he was told and stopping at scenic points along the route.  Gee Jake, Haw Jack, Ho Jake, Step up Jake.     What a solid citizen he was.

We got back to Beluga about 4:30, just in time for a pleasant happy hour with the Lowes (Steve and MonaLisa).  We were able to sit outside and enjoy the last of the warm afternoon.   They shared some of their delicious Vermont cheese.

I have lots of pictures of our tour this afternoon, but the wind is kicking up outside and the internet is acting a bit wonky so I'll share them with you tomorrow.


  1. Nice day and great weather for your last day there!

    Safe travels!

  2. That shrimp looked yummy. We might just visit that restaurant before we leave.

  3. Was that Jake in your post yesterday ....plodding along the Charleston street. Looked a little like the same guy. He looks so sweet. Can you bring him back for me so we can plod along the Geneseo streets?

  4. You did have a warm day for your boat tour and carriage ride. You timed that just right! It was the warmest day we had here since our two warm days when we arrived. Can't say that about today! It was 32 when John got up to turn on the heat...brrr!

    The shrimp looked beautiful. Yum!!

  5. Glad you took advantage of the beautiful day. It is 34 here in Houston. I saw on the TV where you are very, very cold also.

    Oh how I love shrimp!

  6. That was quite a haul you got from sitting through one of those annoying time share presentations!