Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Another desert lake

Pam and John moved to Pleasant Lake Regional Park from Tucson earlier this week.    Happy with their wonderful site, they invited us (all of us) up to spend the day relaxing by the lake.    

Pam and Lewis are inside while John Dave and Sasha relax in the shade
We looked forward to seeing them again and doing so in such a beautiful setting was icing on the cake.

they whisper sweet nothings.....

Lewis was overjoyed to see Gramma Pamma again.  

they hug
It amused John to watch his wife of many years succumb to the charms of a curly haired Frenchman.

Pam prepared a gourmet repast and provided a restful view.   She even made chocolate cake topped with an unusual and fantastically good "chocolate frosting".   The best!

After our meal Dave took the dogs for a walk along a short trail leading to a small Hohokam lookout above the lake.

The day passed too quickly and it was time to face the traffic and head home.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the ride home.


  1. Gorgeous photos. Pam and John do have an awesome spot!

  2. I can just hear Pam's sweet nothings and John's infectious laughter - so fun to spend a day by the lake with great friends! Love the sailboat shot. Life is very good.

  3. It looked like everyone has a great time sitting/eating by the lake! What a perfect day with friends.

  4. How fun! Sharing a beautiful spot in nature with wonderful friends -- life doesn't get any better. :-))

  5. I didn't see a picture of the chocolate cake...

    Sounds like a lovely day.

  6. I wonder what these two are whispering about....hmm like please bring more treats , grandmama Pam!
    Beautiful site with beautiful people lounging around.