Monday, March 14, 2016


We're enjoying our rocky site here in Prescott.   We're not allowed to put any bird feeders up, brings rodents and, in turn, snakes they say.   I hung a hummingbird feeder, that can't hurt I figure.    A couple curious western tohee's have been sneaking around the bushes, watching us and the hummingbirds have found the nectar.

We pulled into our site at an angle and that gives us a good sized slice of sitting area that is nice and private.   Not that we've been able to enjoy second cup or happy hour there because its been too chilly at both ends of the day.  Early spring is  here in the Granite Dales.

We haven't done much since we arrived.    Yesterday we were able to enjoy a quick second cup outside before the wind kicked up.  

Some of us are having trouble controlling the urge to scramble up the rocks in front of us at every opportunity.

There is a nice trail to Watson Lake right from the campground.  It makes for a lovely short daily hike.

Today, after lunch, we drove up to Sedona.   We spent a lot of time there in the 70, 80, and 90's and its always been a favorite place.   On this trip we approached from the south west, a different route for us, and it was a beautiful ride.


one of Dave's favorite places to visit in Sedona
The Airport!

colorful weather vane outside the terminal

"Rabbit Ears"

"The Nuns"

"Courthouse Butte"

We love those red rocks.    It was fun to see them again, like old friends.  We didn't plan very well and didn't leave ourselves enough time but we'll be back and they aren't going anywhere.  

"Bell Rock"


  1. I'm glad Lew got out of the pen was able to hit the rocks:)

    We love Sedona also. Those red rocks are such a draw.

  2. It's been many years since I've been in Sedona, and Eric has never been. It looks so inviting -- your photos of the red rocks look like postcards. We need to get ourselves there.

  3. We tried to stay at the campground in Prescott last spring, but like so many other places, they have a doggie limit. We LOVE Sedona too. Plan to spend a few days there before Moab...

  4. Fabulous shots! You are in and visiting some of my very favorite places in the West! It's fun to have those rocks right out your door,isn't it?!

  5. Loving those rocks at your site - glad to see the boys are too :-) We can't wait to see Sedona again in a few weeks. Mom's ashes are there so it's even more special now. Your pics are wonderful. Love Dave watching the plane :-)