Sunday, March 20, 2016

More pictures coming.......I hope

Here are a few pictures of our beautiful site here at Wahweap Campground at Lake Powell.

looking east, past Pam and John's Discovery

Beluga snuggled into the tall grasses behind our site

Our second cup, happy hour, every hour view in front.

The internet is not cooperating tonight so these are the only pictures I can show you, sorry.    Friday we spent the day on housekeeping chores including making a rhubarb pie with some lovely red fruit I bought in Prescott, washing a very dusty Beluga and jeep, and getting acclimated to our new surrounds.

Yesterday Dave and I investigated the possibility of renting a small boat to do some serious exploring of some of the numerous side canyons and branches of Lake Powell.    Today we joined the Wrights on an off road jeep tour of the old Paria (think Maria) town/movie site and a short up and down hike to see some fantastic rock formations - the Toadstools.

I have lots of great pictures but, with the internet situation here I don't know when I'll be able to put them on the blog.

We decided to rent that boat so tomorrow morning, bright and early, the four of us will drive the 15 miles or so to Antelope Point and begin our tour of the canyon by boat.


  1. Dang Internet!
    Have fun tomorrow!
    Your site is awesome.....

  2. So excited to see your boat tour of the canyon! We're planning to get out in our kayak when we're there in May -- hope it's possible. Lovely site, but bummer about the poor internet connection.

  3. I saw my first sighting of a California Condor near there. Be on the lookout for them!!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun with some good eating mixed in. Enjoy.

  5. Wonderful views to share with good friends. Oh yum - rhubarb pie!! I really want to try the wash and wax product I got in Quartzsite, but the wind is so drying that even just washing the Jeep windshield is difficult to do without streaks. I'm thinking we should rent a boat the next time we're on a nice size lake. Can't wait to see (or at least hear about) how much fun you have.

  6. Well it looks like I will be more behind if the internet there is sloooow. You guys have spent the most wonderful times together in beautiful areas.