Friday, December 16, 2016

Balboa Park

Its dark and windy and cold (I know, cold is relative) and absolutely pouring rain as I sit here today.    Our unofficial "rain gauge" agrees with the local weather forecasters, at least 2 inches of rain filled Lewis' previously empty outside dish.

our unofficial rain gauge

We have our Christmas lights on to try and brighten up a very dunkel Beluga.  I think showing you pictures of our sunny, warm visit to Balboa Park earlier this week will lighten the day!

We enjoyed the famous Botanical Building, inside and out.   Banks of Poinsettias were everywhere amongst the tropical foliage.

A sign in the middle of a display of carnivorous plants caught Dave's eye.  The plants looked brown and wilted, the sign explained their condition.   Dave said he understands completely.......

Dormant Dave, this explains it all!

We haunted the streets of the Spanish Village Arts center, looking for a particular piece of pottery.    No luck but we had fun exploring the artist's studios.

display of jeweled ornaments in the
Timpkin Museum of Art


This little guy chattered loudly at us as we passed by

ginormous twisted cactus near the
Rose Garden

Oh Dave......

Dave enjoyed our walk around the Park, he enjoyed seeing all the plants and fragrant roses, all the interesting buildings.     But, most of all, he enjoyed his lunch, he hummed all through the meal.    I'm not sure what he was more excited about, the hot dog itself?   the copious layer of onions?  the catsup? the curly fries?     He was smiling when we left the cafe, that's all I know.


  1. Such a pretty day at the park - one of the most beautiful in the country I think. Love the tower through the arch and the kitty shadow. That cactus is insane - it must be exhausted!

  2. Agree with Jodee, this is one of the most beautiful urban park we had been. Lots of photo ops of plants and architecture and you have captured some great ones especially that crazy looking cactus.

  3. When the weather gives your blog lemons, make lemonade!! Glad you took us back to your sunny days at beautiful Balboa Park:) That was a lot of rain which I am sure the area needed. I do believe most of feel like Dormant Dave:) Love the cute figs hanging around:) Dave, catsup doesn't belong on a hot dog!!!

  4. Have you ever made it up to the California Wolf Cebter in Julian. A old mining town and where you have Drive up windows to pick up Julian Pies

  5. Pretty sure I'd go photo nuts at Balboa - what a lovely place. It may be wet and dreary but isn't it nice to remember that you are cozy in your home on wheels?!