Friday, January 10, 2014

She's home!

Sasha's home where she belongs tonight.   Sleeping peacefully   Ahhhhh.

We picked her up at the end of the day and she was really happy to see us and hopped right up into the jeep.  It took her a bit of time to finally settle down once she got back to Beluga, but after a while she plopped down on her outside mat while we had cocktails,  Later on she happily licked the dinner plates (yep, those leftovers from last night).

Since we couldn't get her until almost 5 p.m. we spent the day at the beach.  The weather was pretty nice, partly sunny and warm.  Here are a few shots from my beach chair...

the public beach was very colorful today!

these beautiful birds were making a home in the side of Publix!
 We left the beach around 4:00 this afternoon and stopped by the local Publix grocery store for a few supplies.   We came outside to a  racket that could only be made by what we call green parrots, but are most probably blue crowned parakeets.  We scanned the trees to catch a glimpse of them.  We finally looked up at the building and there they all were.  They're so colorful and are really quite the characters, lots of fun to watch.

feeding babies

Normally a sunset picture ends a blog for me.....however, look who came to visit tonight when we were out with the dogs!    (Also, I wanted to try a new "work around" I found to see if I could add pictures normally - and it worked.   Yay! give me a cookie!)

peek a boo, now I'm on the chair


  1. Yeah....Sasha's home!
    Yeah...a beach day!
    Sounds mighty good to me!

  2. I bet her smile is from ear to ear!
    Hey, those birds looked like the one we saw in San Juan.
    We had sun then we had rain...

  3. So glad the old girl is home and in good shape!

  4. Good to see Sasha home:)

    Nice to see the sun. I actually had to wear my sunglasses!!

  5. I think those are Blue Crowned Conures. They're closely related to Macaws.