Monday, August 10, 2015

No internet

Our site at James Robb Colorado River State Park

We left Golden Saturday, stopped at James Robb Colorado River State Park (Island Acres section) on our way to Ridgeway State Park for a 2 week stay on the western slope of the Rockies.   

Our site was lovely, walking in the Colorado River was lovely, Lewis and Sasha took a quick dip and were quite happy with our choice of places to stay.

No internet or cell coverage though.

Now we're at Ridgeway State Park on route 550 north of Ouray and Silverton.
Once again, a wonderful site in a beautiful, diverse park.    Once again though, no internet or cell coverage.

Right now, we're sitting outside the laundry facilities at the Elk Ridge section of Ridgeway SP, the only place that has any cell service.  So......I probably won't post much any more until we get back to Golden around the 23/24th.   There are just too many pictures to show you and sitting here in the car is getting old already.....Stay tuned!

happy hour view - not bad......


  1. Gorgeous finall photo!! Sometimes no internet is a blessing. Gives us time to forget the darn computer for awhile. Glad to hear my furry friends are enjoy themselves:) Can't wait to hear all about your "vacation." Have fun in this amazing part of Colorado!

  2. I hope you've managed to somewhat evade all the rain!

    We will stop a Ridgeway in Oct...can't wait!

  3. We had zero cell and internet at La Push. It was a mixed blessing, both freeing and frustrating. I didn't realize how much planning and communicating we really do through the 'nets' these days :-) Enjoy the Rockies!

  4. Looking forward to all your pictures from both SP. We will be there end of Sept. Sometimes not having internet is a great excuse at least for me that Im behind :)

  5. Hey, maybe you'll meet up with Mark and Bobbie of BCB. We will be at Ridgway State Park about a week after you have left. Too bad. We would have enjoyed meeting you. We follow your blog.