Thursday, August 6, 2015

Yuck and Yum

Before we left, Dave went out to "pull the loo".  He discovered a pinhole in the sewer hose....YUCK!

 For the last 3 or 4 days we've had a young family next to us - on our sewer connection side.    Small, twin boys, a 10 or 11 year old girl, and a young Bernese Mountain Dog.    I enjoyed watching how well the little guys played with each other, they evidently fancied themselves Karate kids.   Mock fights, sometimes involving the dog, sometimes involving small stones.  The dog was eternally patient, enduring stones on his head, in his water bowl, being ridden and sat on,  sharing his food with the kids.    The parents were inside the motorhome, doors and windows closed.....   I watched while they pitched stones at their motorhome's tires and laughed when they bounced off.....who could throw harder and make the stone shoot further?         Turns out some of those little sharp stones were aimed at our sewer hose when I wasn't watching......

After Dave threw away our brand new "indestructible" sewer hose and  cleaned up thoroughly we drove up to Boulder for  lunch with fellow motorhomer/bloggers/friends,  Rick and JoAnne and their gorgeous grandaughter Ella.   We met at the Med and enjoyed great conversation, comparing future travels, routes and campground information.   We had our main dinner and it was delicious - YUM

After we parted ways, Dave and I walked the Pearl Street Mall, a pedestrian only section of Pearl Street lined with shops and restaurants.    Statues and trees and flowers march down its center making it a great place for an after lunch stroll.

upstairs shop windows filled with sparkling wine glasses

Boulder County Courthouse

We were heading for an Olive Oil store I'd seen many times while passing  through town.    The oil I have in Beluga right now is Yucky.....tastes more like plain vegetable oil than olive oil so today seemed to be a good opportunity to taste a few and buy something more to our liking.

The young lady behind the counter was very knowledgeable and we learned many things about tasting, buying and keeping fine olive oil.   We tasted many different oils from different countries.    We tasted all the oils in the non-infused section.    We went back to re-taste four or five, tasted with bread, tasted with our fingers, and drank tiny sips.     We found the perfect (for our palates) one and bought a bottle - YUM!

Now the final YUCK - Olive Oil burps......YUCK


  1. Oh, yuck! You gotta love summer vacation and children!! Wonder what was going on inside that no one was checking on the children!!! Leaky sewer hose isn't a fun time.

    How nice that you got to see Rick and JoAnn again:) Such nice people. Aren't olive oil stores fun! I love the ones with vinegars. I can just drink those vinegars down. Glad you found an oil you liked. Tasting the oil isn't as much fun as the vinegar.

  2. I can just picture that patient bernese mountain dog with those kids. Loved the architectural shots today. Nice to have you travelling around Boulder.

  3. Oh the joys of unsupervised (and IMHO slightly uncared for) children. We have a local olive oil store here too and I adore it! Love getting flavored ones to just put on cooked pasta with some cheese! Great "road food"!

  4. Glad there was enough yum to balance the yuck! Now we know why Lewis hides from the little angels :-) Love the arched windows with the sparkle. So fun to try all the different olive oils, and agree with Pam that vinegar tasting is even better. My favorite lip balm is olive oil from a great store in Temecula.