Thursday, July 21, 2016

Eugene pictures.....from Bandon

We left Eugene this morning and drove the 150 (ish) miles down to Bandon.   We're happy to be back at the coast again, this is our last stop along the ocean until Thanksgiving in SanDiego.    It was starting to get pretty hot in Eugene, our last site was in full sun and the thermometer read 90.    Today it's overcast and in the high 60s.     I'm hoping we have better internet here so I'll try to show you some highlights of our time in Eugene, a little at a time.

Mark (from Elite) discussing Dave's questions

following Beluga home past huge grass seed fields ready for combining

the next day the combine crew was hard at work in the fields

Once the seed is harvested and the remaining hay is baled the fields are stripped clean
allowing huge "tornadoes" of dust and chaff to race along for miles

The Eugene Farmer's Market has no equal in our book.   The produce section is bursting with artistically arranged tomatoes, squash, onions, berries, rhubarb, greens of all size and shape, beans, peas, chards, several kale varieties, etc.    They look as beautiful as they taste.

and of course, what Farmer's Market doesn't have an
Empathy Tent just for listening.....

jester's hat of colored beans
Produce is only a part of this market.    There is a large international food court, an art/craft section and, since this is Eugene, a rather haphazard area dedicated to alternative products, music and sleeping arrangements on the sidewalk.

one "vendor's" offerings

There were too many people at the food court by the time we decided we were hungry so we walked a few blocks to the 5th street marketplace and had a nice lunch outside by the fountain.

Our lunch was short, however, because we were lucky to have gotten a last minute appointment with the very busy Mr. David's A-1 Professional Lubrication Adjustment Service and their tech was waiting for us when we got back.

He was unhappy to find out that we had paid the Freightliner service center to once again overfill Beluga's crankcase.   He was unhappy to discover that even though Dave had called this situation to their tech's attention, the young man still didn't take care of the problem.   After he worked for about an hour, Beluga finally held the correct amount of oil and we knew the job was done correctly.   What would we do with out the Mr. David's family of companies?


  1. Enjoying the beauty of the farmers' market fares, such pretty colors! Hmmmm, not sure how I feel about the Empathy booth. But LOL at the dreds on the bike and the tree :-))))) I'm sure Mr David's tech is frustrated with incompetency, but how fortunate for you that he was available again!

  2. I want to return to Oregon just for the farmers markets! I can't remember the last time I saw zucchini with such fresh cut stems. The "Jester Hat" beans are beautiful. Oh, I am green with envy:) You do realize that there was not one photo of the main attraction in Beluga! We all read only for Lewis photos! You do realize this, don't you:) But we do love seeing Mr. David and watching him perform his many duties:)

  3. I agree, the Eugene Saturday market is one of the best! Love the jester hat beans—that's exactly what they look like! It wouldn't be the Eugene market without an Empathy Tent. :-)

  4. Exactly what would you do without Mr David's efficient company?
    The Elite guys are one of the best too!
    Colorful pics of the produce, hopefully we can catch up with the farmers market in Eugene come fall.

  5. I am so glad our stay in EUgene will include a weekend...I get to visit that farmers market! Love the dreadlocks comparison! ;-)