Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Foggy beach day

Two different weather guessers gave us two totally different forecasts for today.  We decided to ignore both and just go about our day.   We packed a lunch and loaded Lewis into the Jeep heading north to Whiskey Run Beach.   I thought we could find a jeep entrance to the beach there and I was right.  

We drove through a narrow rutted path and out onto the wide, empty beach.

The wind driven fog was blowing past, giving us white out conditions one moment, and brilliant sun another.    Lewis was beyond excited.   He ran and barked and pranced and barked and sniffed and chortled and raced out of sight only to come flying back through the fog to crash into us with joy.

We didn't bring his ball so as to not have the rather expensive "sand" problem we had our last beach day with him.    He didn't seem to mind not having his toy, but clearly didn't want us to have a toy either.

Dave tried to keep his walking stick
but Lew had other plans for it

After lunch we continued our walk north toward Seven Devil's State Park.    About a half mile from where we left the jeep we came to a large rock formation full of fantastic concretions.

We crawled around on the rocks awhile before starting our walk back down the beach.

the fog moves inland

Lewis and I left our shoes in the jeep so we just waded through the shallow creek dividing the beach.   Dave didn't, so he had to find a more creative way to get to the other side.  

After waiting a few minutes for another car to try and get through the deeply rutted sandy exit from the beach, our dear jeep just drove through as if it was on a paved road....we're so happy we have it!

Once off the beach and out of the parking lot we continued north on Seven Devil's Road towards Cape Arago.   After a mile or so the road narrowed and turned to gravel as it wound up and through the partly logged forest.

We came out at the small boat harbor at Charleston as the marine layer was closing in once again.

We found we could drive out on the south jetty among the commercial fishing boats and spent a few minutes watching a  boat from Hawaii unload large and solidly frozen fish at one of the fisheries there.

We continued our drive to Cape Arago State Park and Simpson Reef, but we could not see even a few feet off the road.   We could hear the large population of seals and sea lions resting on the reef, but they were invisible to us.   We'll definitely make another trip back up that way, many interesting things to see, when you can see!


  1. Yeah for the new jeep...just the right choice for such an adventurous couple. But the real star of the show: Lewis who didn't want Dave to have a toy if he couldn't have one. He's a riot.

  2. That's the spirit—ignore those weather guessers! (And always pack a waterproof windbreaker and fleece in western and coastal Oregon/Washington. Then you can handle just about anything. :-)) Ahhh, so no ball on the beach is the key to no sand in Lewis. I was a bit worried at first when I saw him frolicking on the beach!

  3. We need to head back to the Alabama Hills so Lew can go rock climbing with us!! He'll be a great arch searcher:) The Jeep can handle it all:)

  4. So glad you are satisfied and happy jeep owner. One day will have ours so we can drive on any road we want.