Thursday, April 4, 2019


Yesterday we drove to and into Bryce Canyon National Park.    We stopped for a quick alfresco lunch in Red Canyon and then used our Senior Pass to enter the National Park for free!

lunch time view

There were lots of people and lots of snow.    I tried very hard not to take any pictures of the other people.

The main road in was closed after Far view vista. 

the brown line at the bottom of this picture is a fence line....under snow

We stopped at the major viewpoints and were wowed by them.

snow covered natural bridge

 wooden roof shingles placed so as to fool the eye into thinking the roof is wavy

We came, we saw what we could see and we headed home.    Along the way we turned down a beckoning dirt track to see what was there.    We went as far as

before turning around, crossing a stream and heading for Kanab, it was getting late.

crossing the stream, looking left

and looking right

We capped our day off with a good dinner at Kanab's new Vermilion 45 restaurant.   

Today we enjoyed another slot canyon adventure at the end of a closed road.....It's been a long day, check back tomorrow!


  1. Bryce Canyon is so spectacular. Love seeing it with all the snow. The down side of the park is that all the hiking is steeply down first!!! You photos are so beautiful. Looks like a very nice dinner. Yum!

  2. It's good for Kanab to have a new restaurant. When we were marooned there with the failed fuel injector, there didn't seem to be much to chose from. I have to say, your posts are making me want a Jeep.

  3. I can’t keep up with you are staying so busy! I love t! We have visited Bryce a couple of times, but never with all that snow...amazing pictures Sue! Is that mashed potatoes I see on your dinner plate? YUMMY!

  4. We love Bryce Canyon and have been talking about heading back there late next spring. It's even more magical with the dusting of snow on the red rock spires—your photos are beautiful!
    Making note of that restaurant—it sounds yummy.