Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yesterday we saw petroglyphs from the river.  Today, we poked around and found them close up.  WOW! The road they were on was exceptional, and the rock art itself was beautifully preserved because it was 20-30 feet above the pavement and no one was able to take molds from the pictures or otherwise deface them.

the rock art was on these vertical surfaces , just above the road

standing on the shoulder of the road, looking straight up!

a close up look at the bear we  saw from the river yesterday.  there are four hunters with bows/arrows aiming at this poor guy!

The more we looked, the more images we saw.  Some were pecked into the desert varnish, some just into the sandstone itself.  They have been dated between A.D. 1 to A.D. 1250.  Some images were recognizable - deer, big horn sheep, bears, etc. - and some looked as if they were from outer space.

A bit further down the road we saw dinosaur footprints in the rock, high above the road, but not in camera range.

This is all just too much for us to process.  Incredible.

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