Saturday, April 19, 2014

back to work

After a nice time at the market yesterday, it was back to work today.   We're still paying for laughing and playing all winter in the sunny warm (ish) south.

My clothes dryer is fixed and running so now I am chained to it.   Only 3 more loads to go!

Mr. David's Massey Ferguson dealer sent someone over to regrade the pile of stone left in the driveway by the snow plow.   He did a professional job and was done by the time Mr. David's Gutter Cleaning Service arrived to remove the build up of last fall's maple leaves.

Fred stopped by to welcome us home this afternoon.   He did a stellar job taking care of the house while we were gone.

Dave and wonderful Fred discuss world problems in the driveway

the back pasture is full of deer each evening.
so nice to see them all, I just wish they hadn't
needed to eat most of the shrubbery around the house.


  1. I'm sure Mr. David's service center is quite busy these days. Good he is available.

    I guess the fact that the deer ate your bushes tells you what kind of winter they had in your area. They sure are cute:)

  2. Sue, you are really putting Mr David's service to maximum work.

    Wishing you and David a Happy and blessed Easter.

  3. Great parting shot of the sunset. There's one happy camper two doors down who likes to look up the hill and see: the lights on at dusk, Lewis´ tail, Dave working in the garage when we drive by, and your sheets hanging on the line.