Saturday, April 5, 2014

Birdsong and big block chevys

We left Ashburn, Georgia and Wanee Lakes Country Club and RV Resort with a promise to return.  It was a wonderful transition from our great winter in Florida and our return to western New York.  In addition to having a golf course with a phenomenally difficult 8th hole, it is home to the Golden Peanut Company and the annual Fire Ant Festival.  What more can I say?

We headed north on I-75 and encountered nasty traffic snarls miles before Atlanta, through Atlanta on the western bypass, back on I-75 north of Atlanta and most of the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  A trip that should have really taken us a little over 4 hours actually took us closer to 7.  Ugh.  Rare are the days that I prepare lunch and eat while we're moving down the highway, but thats what we did today.

others were jealous of our ability to eat lunch while stuck in traffic.......

So....we're finally in and settled at a pleasant campground just south of Chattanooga.  We have plenty of room to walk the dogs and we're happy to hear the sounds of singing birds and big block chevy engines.     Dave says there is a drag strip somewhere near here and he's enjoying enormously, the sweet sounds of screaming burnouts and short, fast runs down the 1/8 mile.

We're too tired to unhook the jeep and go in search of the track so we'll just sit with Beluga's windows open and attend vicarioiusly.   Different strokes for different folks.

Tomorrow we'll meet Cindy and Walter in Lexington, Kentucky.


  1. That trucking doggie definitely looked ready to jump ship and be your number three. At least for lunch! We braved the Los Angeles traffic today (not in a rig) so I feel your traffic pain :-(.

  2. Gee, and to think that we were just doing laundry, organizing the rv stuff, taking dogs in and out, and getting a massage....I think I'd rather have been on the road travelling. Can't wait to hook up the fifth wheel again and get back on the road in the morning.
    See you tomorrow!!! Nice weather is here in Lexington, I hear!

  3. A fire ant festival! Do they cook them up in various ways for prizes?

  4. Love that first photo. Glad you always have your camera ready.