Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill

Each morning, as we get ready to head out for our day's adventures, Lewis sits on the couch and stares over at Cindy and Walter's fifth wheel next door.   We can always tell if either of them is outside because Lewis' rotor tail starts to spin wildly.

Yesterday we met out front around 11 and headed toward a small historic town south and west of Lexington.   Walter wanted to check out a bit of property for sale near Harrodsburg, you know, in case they want to downsize and relocate.   The house and land were a non event, but he and Cindy had also found a likely spot nearby for a bit of lunch before continuing our trip to the Shaker Village.

The Kentucky Fudge Company turned out to be a misnomer.   No fudge, but a knockout lunch/dinner place on a lovely old main street.   Yummy coffees, sandwiches, soups, and desserts in an old soda fountain storefront.    After we filled up on lunch items we bought four desserts to take home for that night's dinner.   We're really bad.....

here comes dessert
On to the Shaker Village.   We arrived, bought our tickets and waited outside for our tour guide.
We waited and waited, but no one ever came so we set off on our own.

patient customers

As a result, we didn't learn as much about the settlement, but we all agreed we really enjoyed its quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

We went inside the Center Family house.   As its name implies, it is a large "family" home in the center of the settlement.  Eighty or so non related "brothers and sisters" lived together but separately in this large, simple building, women on one side and men on the other.   All the rooms are exactly alike on both sides of the center hallway.   There is an East House and a West house on the property also.

old panes of glass reveal a beauty of their own

they puzzle over the use of this oxen powered piece of equipment

As we wandered the grounds we came upon what looked like an exhibition of dry stone wall building techniques.   The entire area around Lexington reminds Dave and I of Ireland with its rolling emerald green pastures and stunning grey stone walls that follow the contours of the land.

undulating wall section

built in stairs

Dave enjoys the warm sun on his face
Tomorrow the morning gallops at Keeneland and a unexpected opportunity there.


  1. Lewis sure is cute sitting there watching. I can just see that tail swirling around.

    The Shaker lifestyle sure is severe but seems so peaceful. Too bad you didn't have a guide but looks like you had the place to yourself. I love the rock fencing. For some reason I have a fascination for perfectly constructed patterns like those. It amazes me how they do that.

    Looking forward to your unexpected opportunity!

  2. Love those stone walls. I'd like to play with rock like that next time I have a house!

  3. Something to be said for the simple life when you have the time to create such beauty in a wall and fence - love the built in steps! Great pics of the old glass window pane and the horned hippie. I always enjoy the leisurely pace of a "self tour".