Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Where have the months gone?

April 1st - time to go.    Time to begin the trek home.  We both can hardly believe we've been here since December!    We've really enjoyed everything about our stay (well, except the long haired crabby neighbor guy...) the beautiful blue skies, the colorful birds flying over our heads, white sand beaches in every direction, turquoise, royal blue, azure, and green waters, good restaurants, puppies, all manner of horses, interesting things to do and see, quiet mornings, onion rye bread from Publix, familiar surroundings seen in a new way, salt and pepper pop chips, but most of all friends old and new.  Jesse, Erin and Judi, JoAnn (Sunny and Wink), Pamela and Victor (Rico and Jetta), Pam and John, Carol and Don (Chloe), Cindy and Norm, Bill and Debra, MonaLiza and Steve, James and Wendy and Richard and Ruth   These months have been busy and relaxing at the same time.   We couldn't ask for more.

happy hour at Pam and Vic's lush site
Last night Pam and Vic hosted a farewell happy hour.  Sigh......   I know we'll see them all down the road, but its hard to let go of such pleasant times.

After drinks and goodies, Pam and John along with Don and Carol (staying next door) walked across the street to O'Shucks for one more shrimp dinner.   Sigh......

silly John, silly Dave....

Everyone pulled out this morning.     Everyone but us.

our new site
We just needed one more day, just one more beach day.    Our site was reserved for the entire month of April, so we moved across the park to another.   We had a small hitchhiker in this move....Flat Stanley.  Actually, Flat Stanley brought some friends with him....  Frogs to the left of me, frogs to the right of me.

don't  leave me

shhhh, don't tell them I'm hiding here

maybe if I'm real quiet he won't notice me

Once we were all settled in our new spot we headed to the beach for our last day.  It was a perfect day, low 80's, low humidity, brilliant blue skies and a whisper of a breeze.   We're so glad we decided to stay just one more day....

Tomorrow we'll leave, really we will.   Sigh.....


  1. Isn't this retirement thing awesome! Spending months at a time in wonderful climates seeing old friends, making new is good!

    Safe travels!

  2. Oh my! That "one more day" looked totally worth it--especially seeing that breathtaking sunset photo. Goodbyes are tough but the sadness is testimony to the joy of connecting and experiencing the richness of friendship. Thanks for being such a fond part of our Holiday Cove 2013-14 winter memories.

  3. Steve and I are happy and blessed we were part of your four months of winter get away. I could tell from the sighing that you don't want to leave ;) even Flat Stanley is holding you down. But I think as they would say, its time to move on.

  4. Oh the joys of being able to change our plans anytime we choose. AAAAHHHH!

    I love the little hitchhikers. They probably don't eat much.

    Safe travels.

  5. Sometimes that one more day makes all the difference in the glad you had yours!

    Safe travels!

  6. And now your NY friends and neighbors will welcome you with smiles and hugs...and some more cocktail hours and good food. So nice that you have acquired this great following of loved and trusted friends. That is a grand mark of a good life...see you around the next bend!