Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday in California

The weather was "iffy" on Sunday at our next destination so we decided to stay put in Carson City, NV and wait it out.     We caught up on a few things, a run to Trader Joe and a quick trip into Reno to buy a part for Beluga.      Ever since we had her new rubber roof applied I've noticed an unpleasant smell when we drive down the road.   Unpleasant as in sewer vent smell....yuk.       To make a long story short, the new sewer vent that the roofing folks installed wasn't right for us so Mr. David's Odor Remediation crew (western division) installed a Cyclone Sewer Vent and the problem is a problem no more....

One of Mr. David's best installers working his magic on Beluga's roof

 The gray cool day gave us one more chance to socialize with friends Jodee and Bill before we all went our merry way on Monday morning.    We had happy hour in their new Tuscany motorhome and then all of us (Jodee, Bill, Tessa, Pam, John, and Dave and I) had one last dinner together at Red's Old 395 Grill in Carson City.    What a nice group of people, we're so lucky to be able to call them friends.

This morning we all pulled out of Silver City RV, two of us heading south and one moving just a few miles north.  

looking south on rt. 395

The Banks and the Wrights are moving on down rt. 395 with a destination of Mono Lake, California.     The drive was lovely, the weather perfect, the sky blue and the mountains capped with clouds and some snow.    We ran in and out of a few very light sprinkles but for the most part our drive was dry and uneventful

a view of Mono Lake from on high

We're here now, in Lee Vining, at Mono Lake RV Park, the only campground with any sort of hook ups in town.    We have a decent site with views of Mono Lake behind us.

No sewer hookup, nor any tv service here but we have plenty to keep us busy and our time will fly by.

empty tent sites in front of us
(I hope they stay that way...)

Pam and John weren't so lucky with their site.....they're in a very uneven pull through, jammed up against their neighbors on both sides.    They chose to give us the nicer of the two available sites, the back in one with a nice patch of grass for old Sasha to enjoy during second cup....and a little breathing room for Lewis the Chicken.   Thanks guys.

We'll be here until next weekend, lots to do and see this week.


  1. Aren't Pam and John the nicest people. Hope y'all have a terrific time together.

  2. So glad the weather and the drive were good - you got some great pics. Of course they made sure Lewis and Sasha had the better spot - you're very lucky to be their parents :-))))