Sunday, October 18, 2015

On to Lone Pine

We woke up to more rain.   There was some discussion as to whether we would stay put and wait out the rain or just move along.     Move along won and as we were pulling out of Highland RV Park, Jodee and Bill were pulling in!    We'll see them here in Lone Pine later this week so we didn't mind leaving them behind this morning.

As the skies cleared and the clouds lifted we saw what our morning rain brought to the higher elevations of the White Mountains.

We're glad we decided to move on down (down as in traveling south and down as in lower elevation) to Lone Pine today.    We arrived to a sunny, fairly warm day.

Lone Pine Peak with the Alabama Hills in the foreground

We're at Boulder Creek Campground for at least the next week, maybe more.
Pam and John are parked next to us, a fact that is not lost on Lewis...

is that who I think it is over there?

it, it really looks like their motorhome!

I think Gramma Pamma and that nice man of Gramma Pamma


  1. Oh, how funny! You had both of us laughing. Oh, Lewis, you are just so cute:)

  2. OMG that is so cute! Lewis you are such a smarty pants!

  3. So cute...what a smart boy!

  4. It was so nice of you to come out on the highway to greet us :-) Lewis is hysterical - both on the pack trail and back in Beluga. Pam is such a puppy-hero :-)))))