Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sad but also fun

Today was another beautiful day, ho hum.....  We decided to drive the June Lake Loop to see the fall colors and pristine lakes it boasts.      The last time we were here (2012) we did the loop and were rewarded with spectacular yellow and orange aspens and a relaxing lunch stop on the shores of Grant Lake.    We took the dogs along today so Lewis could enjoy some off leash time on the beach and Sasha could lay in the sun or poke around in the shallow water.   An afternoon in the sun beside a beautiful lake can't be bad.

June Lake
We passed June Lake with its white sandy beach and National Forest Service Campground, Oh Ridge.

We passed Silver Lake, ringed with not quite fully colored Aspens and many people fishing.

The aspens on our drive were not at peak this week.   Beautiful, yes, but not the vibrant yellows and oranges of our last visit which was a week later.   Timing is everything.


Grant Lake - 2012

When we approached our picnic destination on the shores of Grant Lake (the last in the chain of lakes) we were shocked!    It was gone.....the only water was a shallow stream flowing through what was once a huge, clear lake.

This is how it looked in 2012 from a similar vantage point....

Then, the dogs frolicked in the water as we enjoyed our lunch.

Sasha, frolicking......(2012)

2012 shoreline picnic

We all know that California and several other states are experiencing a severe drought, but seeing this beautiful body of water literally disappear really drove the point home to us.    It was very sad indeed.   The four of us had fun in the dry lake bed today.    We drove out to the middle of what had been the lake and set up camp for our waterside picnic.

Obviously we had the entire place to ourselves.    Sasha set off exploring for a few minutes but then settled down on her bed in the shade of the jeep and watched Lewis play in the water.

Sasha stayed in the shade while the rest of us walked the stream

coots pecked like chickens on the dry lake bed

Lewis helps Dave clean off his dirty tennis ball

We had a fine time, definitely not we'd expected, but a fine afternoon nonetheless.

After getting home and having happy hour in the sun, Pam and John joined us for a simple dinner of Rincon Argentina's yummy empanada (frozen after the post wedding party) and salad.   Pretty nice day!

Thanks for the sunset shot Pam!


  1. The water level in Grant Lake was a real surprise. Very sad indeed! Good to see my furry friends having a fun time in the water:)

  2. I remember you commenting on my post from Oct 2014 about how low Grant Lake was compared to your 2012 visit. Looking back at my photo it seems it is even lower now. Fingers crossed for a big El Nino this winter!

  3. We came across that same situation in a couple spots in S Oregon. It is truly sad and makes me hope for LOTS of winter moisture for us all! Glad you got the kids out for some fun time though and made the best of it.

  4. I was so excited that you saw water in June and Silver (and people fishing!), but Grant looks like so many others :-( Love that you had a waterside lunch anyway!!! Lewis looks like he made the best of it :-)))

  5. Well, that settles it for me. How awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping of a change. And it sounds like it's one of several. I imagine it may take a long time to catch up with former levels in a consistent way.

    Say, the 12 year old Sasha looks striking in her 2012 photo.