Sunday, October 25, 2015


Today, Sunday, we took it pretty easy.    We drove the 58 miles back into Bishop this afternoon.    We all visited the little grocery store here in Lone Pine and quickly decided we needed to make a fresh produce run to Von's in Bishop.   After our usual relaxing second cup outside we picked up Pam and John and had a pleasant ride north.       We dropped them off at Starbucks and then Dave and I went to Schats Bakery for a yummy fresh turkey sandwich and to pick up one of the items on Jodee's request list.    Next stop was the feed store for Lewis and Sasha's necessities and then continued on to Von's.    I'm afraid we've all become grocery store snobs, we need what we need.    Not one of us wants to buy a spongy eggplant, shriveled zucchini, bruised apples, soft, mushy grapes or dove grey hamburger.

Yesterday a family with 2 or 3 boys pulled in across from us (actually across from Pam and John).    They race their bikes and/or skateboards up and down the campground roads (isn't tonight a school night?).    This vexes Lewis, scares him bad.

Tonight, during happy hour, he quietly but quite firmly crawled up on to Dave's lap for security.

He kept his eyes on the children, but relaxed in Dave's arms.   Since Happy Hour most always involves a gin and tonic it presented a slight problem for Dave.

He rose to the occasion and used his other hand...although maintaining eye contact during conversation was difficult.

Yesterday morning Dave and Lewis ducked under the wire fence at the back of our campground and enjoyed a vigorous game of ball in the desert.

off they go

Lewis was thoroughly tired by the time they got back.    He also slit two of his pads pretty badly during his sliding direction changes.   He has no regard for his body when a ball is in play.  

back under the fence

a tired, happy and very dirty poodle

After lunch we played a round of golf at the Mt. Whitney Golf Course....I took no pictures, you've seen the beautiful views from that course before.    It wasn't Dave's best day - we'll have another crack at it, I'm sure, before we leave Lone Pine.



  1. How fortunate for Dave to have Lewis' protection from the evil children! They crack me up :-) Bummer about his paws, I'm sure he'll insist upon playing injured like all great athletes. You captured that moon perfectly - just beautiful

  2. My mouth is watering. That's not just a yummy turkey sandwich it is the yummiest on the planet!

  3. You nailed that grocery store! It was truly awful -- we didn't find one thing worth buying except ice! Fortunately we were still fully stocked from our stop in Bishop and didn't need to buy anything. Poor Lewis -- hurt paws and annoying children! Maybe you should have fixed him a G & T too.

  4. Do you notice how the number of comments rendered by readers of your blog swells when you are telling/showing stories of Lewis' (ahem) bravery/fears? The big black dog can really steal the show!