Sunday, October 4, 2015

Saturday in Nevada

We arrived in Minden, Nevada (just south of Carson City/Reno) after a bit of a detour and some backtracking.   We took a shortcut from I-80 and counted on there being adequate road signs on US 95 in Fallon, NV to point us in the right direction - there were none.

Pam and John and Jodee and Bill were already at the Silver City RV Resort by the time we got there so we quickly set up and joined everyone at Jodee and Bill's site for happy hour.    It was lovely to see John and Pam again and wonderful to finally meet Jodee and Bill.    Lewis and Sasha enjoyed meeting their little blonde Tessa and she graciously shared her site and people with them, but not her chair.


three friend's rigs, three friend's jeeps

After drinks and conversation we all drove into Carson City for dinner at the Lake Tahoe Brewing Company.     The food was really a surprise.   We expected pub type food, but there were many other unusual combinations on the menu and we all had something different.   Pulled pork on waffle bread (think delicious smokey pulled pork between two waffles), wood fired pizza with gorgonzola and dried cherries,  and another pizza with grapes, not traditional brew pub offerings but we left full and happy.

This morning Dave and I (and our furry friends) enjoyed second cup in the sun.  It was cool and clear with a beautiful blue sky overhead.

walking in the desert next to our park.
Rt. 395 in the distance

  We are parked next to Pam and John and Lewis knows it.     The first time we walked by their rig he pulled me over and tried to get in the door.   They weren't home at the time, but he must have gotten their scent on the stairs, his tail wagged furiously as he looked up at the window.   Gramma Pamma come out!    After Dave shared his second cup goodie with the dogs, Lew went over to their motorhome and just stared, hoping to produce Pam and John through telekinesis.

come out, come out, come out
We all went our separate ways today, some of us sightseeing, some doing domestic chores and refilling our coffers for the coming week.    We met back up for happy hour outside.     The temperatures were falling and the wind was picking up so everyone put their chairs in the grassy site across from ours, in the sun.     We sat out laughing and talking until we were all thoroughly frozen.

We watched clouds build over the mountain in front of us and now it is very windy, rain spitting against Beluga's side.   If it stops by morning we'll move down to Lee Vining, California, it not we'll stay put until the rain ends.

Happy 14th Birthday sweet Sasha Marie!


  1. Someone should have knocked on the door for Lew!! He needs to come over for a visit inside tomorrow:)

    Love Sasha's birthday ribbons:)

  2. That Lewis is a character! Of course Gramma Pamma feeds his love! ;-)

    How cool you got to meet up with Jodee and Bill!

  3. 14??? How'd that happen? Happy birthday Sasha!

    Silly Lewis...what a card!!
    And Tessa guarding her chair.

    Nevada looks pretty bleak on those roads.

    1. Do NOT believe what Sue tells you about me - I'm not mean or rude really........

  4. You got a great shot of the rigs and toads! Lewis at the door is hysterical :-) We have had the best time meeting and getting to know you four at last. Safe journey south today.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Sasha and it looks like you have a super group of friends to share the time and scenery with!