Thursday, January 5, 2017

Back to our regularly scheduled life

We're all moved back into Beluga at the Catalina Spa and RV Park in Desert Hot Springs.   Its only about 10 miles away, but it feels like a different world.

 I have to admit it was a bit of a holiday let down to settle back into our tiny home, but it also felt really good.     We finished setting up, doing laundry, taking down the few Christmas decorations we had left behind, did some vacuuming, put up the ex pen outside along with the mat and our second cup/happy hour chairs.  

   The park isn't too full yet so we're happy.   It's very quiet.  Except for the voracious and noisy hummingbirds.    There are lots of bushes with red trumpet shaped flowers all around and we hung our feeder out as well.    We must be careful to avoid a collision when we open the door as they buzz from flower to feeder at warp speed.

a rare still shot

our happy hour view

We've been taking nice walks in the desert behind our site, Lewis loves it.

He's been working on dismantling a couple of stone cairns along the way.

This afternoon we drove back into Palm Springs to refill a prescription and do a few errands before having dinner at a new favorite restaurant Pomme Frite.
Dave has developed a bit of an addiction to their moules-frites marinieres (mussels and french fries) and he wanted another pot of them before we leave the area.    He didn't have to twist my arm.

Man at work

We'll stay here until the middle of next week before moving on to Borrego Springs.    We have an appointment to get a new windshield installed on the Jeep.   It took a few nasty stone hits last week and one of them has developed into a crack all the way from the top of the windshield to the bottom.  


  1. Curious as to what you think of Catalina. We stayed at Caliente Springs on our last pass through DHS, and enjoyed it. It is a much prettier park than Sam's. The pools aren't as pretty, but the rest of the park is much nicer.

  2. I like the looks of this park better than Sam's Family. It looks like you are on a concrete pad!? It also looks a little nicer. What fantastic view! I do miss being able to see the distant mountains everywhere. How pretty to have snow caped peaks:) Lew certainly has a huge playground!! What a happy guy:)

  3. Those fewer steps to the bathroom.....always good to be home ;-) Love your mountain views - I am so ready for some of those!! We've not stayed in DHS yet but think we need to remedy that. Have never had a mussel either, but I'm good. Apparently the cairn displeased the poodle :-))))

  4. Dave and I can sit side by side and have a feast!
    Lucky you the hummer stopped and posed for you, it's a rare opportunity.
    We might catch up with you we will be in Borrego Springs by Jan 14 for two weeks.

  5. What a wonderful view for your second cup and happy hour! (Love those daily rituals.) So fun to have the hummers visiting -- and yes, they do travel at warp speed! Lewis is such a busy bee. :-)