Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July!

We spent the day taking care of domestics.   I took advantage of the sparkling clean laundry facilities and transformed all our dirty clothes into sparkling clean clothes.  While they were washing I sat outside in the sun and had a great phone conversation with Tom and Robin, back home.  Laundry done,  I made potato salad, cooked broccoli and prepped some country ribs for our dinner later.    We watched lots of small planes come and go right in front of us - Dave is in heaven.    There was a parade in "downtown" Polson, but we didn't feel like being in a crowd, so we didn't go.   Our Motorcoach Resort did mount a float for it, and we watched that go by on its way into town, does that count?

Our Pittsford neighbors (by way of Montana) came up for cocktails late in the afternoon.  Afterward Don took their little Bichon, Chloe, for a bike ride.  


We have a lovely rose garden directly behind our know what that means.

Oh Dave......
Dave is doing the dishes while we wait for it to get dark.  We're looking forward to watching the fireworks from up here, Sasha isn't very happy about the whole thing.


  1. We always enjoy a small town parade. Love the way the people put on a celebration.

  2. Beautiful roses! Have a lovely weekend! Your property here looks perfect....all nicely cared for and tended to...just waiting for Beluga to pull in and set up shop. Haven't been down to the lake property recently ...hope they're no poachers down there!

  3. I give you credit for seeing the parade, after all, you did see a float and they waved! Now if they threw candy, you really be a winner! We never do parades but yesterday we rode our bikes to the start of the St. Charles parade. It was our first in many, many years. We didn't stay for all of it but did see most. Shockingly there was only two firetrucks, one leading it and one antique.

    Hope Sasha survived the fireworks. We were in a virtual war zone here in our park. People all around us were lighting various items until at least 4:15 AM. That's when I finally feel asleep. I can't believe the police let it go on. Sasha would have needed to leave the area.

    That rose is gorgeous! I love the color with the white inside.