Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday - it is written

It is written - we'll be home on Sunday, July 28.

We're having trouble leaving Montana.  We have extended our stay and extended our stay.  We'll either leave here Friday or Sunday morning.  Because of that, our exploration of the upper peninsula of Michigan won't happen on this trip.   It looks like a really interesting part of the country and merits more than a cursory look so we'll leave it for its own trip.   Even in retirement, there just isn't enough time.

After making the decision  to extend our stay here, we took it easy today.  Dave helped a friend with a few issues on his coach and I organized the  last few days of this excellent adventure.  We will probably just move at a comfortable pace from this weekend until we arrive in the Buffalo area the 26th of July for a family wedding.

The dogs seem to have really enjoyed their time at this park.  We're all relaxed and happy with the calm atmosphere.  Lewis has even made a new friend.  Polly - avert your eyes.  

 Chloe clearly is smitten with the tall, dark and handsome stranger

she's not as sweet as she appears - in reality she's quite the little devil

Dave and I attended a wine and appetizer party on the club deck this evening.   A interesting group of people are drawn to this park.  We had a long conversation with a woman whose hometown was Payson, Arizona.   She talked about her time riding and shooting with the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association.  Check it out on Google, sounds like a really fun spectator sport.   Her husband is a retired Northwest Airline pilot and they're traveling around with their 13 year old black lab., trying to "find themselves"   What a hoot they are!

The sunset tonight was beautiful but the battery on my camera crapped out as I was taking pictures to show you.....Ah well, deep breath Suzi....sigh.


  1. I can't just imagine your struggle with leaving Montana. Enjoy your last few days!!

  2. I think every time I have driven through Montana I wanted to stay longer. We enjoyed a good week last year, but it is such a big state...there is more to see, that is for sure. Enjoy.

    Dave (Marcia and Bubba and Skruffy)