Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday - just one of those days

Today was just one of those days where nothing goes right, goes the way you thought it would.   Nothing major, just lots of little things piling up.  We all have them, we all move past them.

Those of you motorhomer's will recognize the picture above as a towel hanging over the top of the retracted slide - to sop up the water that has wicked through the slide topper and onto the top of the slide....
Water than shoots forward at the first stop sign, drenching the driver and his faithful doggies. of our front tires wasn't holding air.  Dave has been adding a few pound here and there for a few days, but today he decided we needed to get it looked at before it blew out on the highway.   Luckily Carter Tire was nearby and could help us right away.

Dave watches Jimmy Carter pull the screw out of Beluga's tire

Turns out there was a screw in the front tire allowing a small amount of air to leak everyday.   Great, reasonable service but we didn't actually get on the road until almost 2 p.m. was very hot and muggy sitting in Carter Tire's parking lot while Jimmy did his magic.

Back on the road, trying to decide where we would stop for the night considering our late departure.  Oh, and speaking of "the road", we've been on Toll roads for quite some time now.    In exchange for our tolls, we get the privilege of driving on some of the worst roads we've encountered on our entire trip. Huge pot holes, ruts, uneven lanes and narrow, single lane construction areas for miles and miles.  And....when its time to actually pay for this privilege, it is difficult to find an actual human toll collector.   They are often "automated" and by that I mean,  machines that may or may not accept your money while lines of traffic pile up behind you, blaring their horns to keep you on your toes.....

And..... the directions in the Trailer Life Directory are incorrect, causing us to chew on each other as we tried to match the words in the book with the words on the street signs....      And....when we miraculously arrive at the Huron River Valley Resort we find that they've been dealing with days of heavy rain and most sites are muddy and flooded.

And....the internet is deadly slow, and....I can't get this picture of Beluga in her muddy site to load right side up.

And....all I wanted for tonight was to have a site with 50 amp power and NBC on the TV so I could have the air conditioning on and watch America's Got Talent.   Sigh.    One out of two isn't bad, is it?

I'm going to bed, I'll be better tomorrow.


  1. When it rains, it pours!! I don't know why everything has to go wrong at the same time but it always seems to be that way.

    Oh, yes, totally understand the towel! We do the same thing after John got the first stop sign shower. Certainly was a surprise!

    I hope it was America's Got Talent but I am guessing it was the 50 amp.

    Gee, we felt the same way about paying to ride on 90 in NY. They should have paid us for the horrible road. NY usually has beautiful roads.

  2. I am so sorry about today! We haven't showered the driver, yet, but we finally did learn to tilt the bus to clear water off the slides before pulling them in. Our slide toppers hold a ton of water, getting them clear can be a real pain. Sorry about the horrible roads. We have to go east later this year, I'm really not looking forward to it.

  3. Oh dear! You had a bad day...but hopefully...tomorrow will be a fabulous one!That whole water thing...hmmmmm...never heard of that, and glad you got your tire fixed!! Travel safe!