Thursday, April 9, 2015

Adjusted plans

We had a nice, lazy morning.   Not to say we slept late, we just moved along slowly, enjoying the fact that we didn't have to be anywhere at any special time.    Dave and I enjoyed our second up and shared a yummy bear claw from the Pecan Roll in Fernandina Beach.  Sasha and Lewis selected their favorite places to take their usual postprandial snooze.

Dave took advantage of this slow time to remove and replace the troublesome water pump control module under the refrigerator (the new one arrived via FedEx on Tuesday).   Yep, that was the problem, our on board water pump works perfectly now.

Its easier to work in bare foot weather

He took time to really inspect the roof job and was very happy with what had been done.  No more caulk to worry about.

the new roof is blindingly white in the sun

So, you'd think we were ready to take off for parts West then....we were not.   Our rear air conditioner is not working.    Worked yesterday and all through the night, but this morning, nothing.   Dave checked everything he knew how to check but nothing worked.     So.....we called a mobile RV repair guy recommended by a local campground and he'll be here in the morning.

What did we do? Piled in the jeep and looked around the area for awhile then came back,  put out the awning, set up the grill, made some burgers for dinner and settled down for another quiet night - no biggie.   Its so nice to have the freedom to take things as they come.


  1. Love that new roof! Looks great. Yep, even in the rolling houses, there's
    always something not working. Well the West is waiting for you. Hope it
    Can be an easy fix.

  2. Nice roof! Can you really call her Beluga now if she doesn't leak anymore?

  3. The roof looks so nice especially without any caulking:) It sure is white!!

    Glad your water pump is working now, but darn the air conditioner!! It always seems to be something. Hope it is an easy fix. How nice that you don't need to be anywhere:) Sounds like you are right back into this life style:)

    My furry friends look so comfy:)

  4. I hope the AC guy doesn't leave too many footprints on that beautiful new roof!

  5. I guess if it was working after the roof install it wasn't something they bumped......that would have been too easy :-) Seems to me you're just supposed to take your time heading this way. Maybe the weather, maybe something else, but you've got the right attitude to enjoy the delay. The pups are so sweet in their individual "spots".